Game Changing

A few weeks ago I would have said a candidate like this, running on a platform of getting rid of gun registration in Texas, even though there is no gun registration in Texas, wouldn’t stand a chance. Of course, I don’t think she means ending gun registration in Texas because she’s speaking of non-existent Texas law. Given her platform of claiming state nullification of federal laws that interfere with what she thinks of as Texas’ prerogative, I’m thinking she means to do away with 4473s. We have a similar candidate here in Pennsylvania, a laid off biologist who cashed in his retirement and mortgaged his house for a shot at the top job.

Normally this kind of outside the box thinking is punished at the polls, but we just elected a Republican to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat in Massachusetts, and while Scott Brown may not win social conservative of the year award, on fiscal matters he’s not exactly a soft Republican. Anything is possible now. Run your cat. Maybe he’ll win. Can he meow softly on tax policy?

2 thoughts on “Game Changing”

  1. Scott Brown is a fiscal conservative? Probably not.

    But we’ve now moved the goalposts.

  2. Having heard Mrs. Medina on the Mike Church show, she has explicity supported the varius measures that would protect firearms manufactured in a state being sold in the sade without federal involvement.

    So I’m sure it is the 4473s she is on about.

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