Fred Thompson? Why Not

I’ve heard Fred Thompson say enough good things lately to really start hoping he runs. I am currently registered as a Libertarian, which means I don’t vote in primaries in Pennsylvania, but I would gladly switch my registration to either of the two parties if they can front someone I’d be willing to vote for.

I was thinking I might actually register Democrat so I could vote for Bill Richardson, but if Fred decides to throw his hat into the ring, I’ll register Republican and vote for him. Given that my other choice are the three stooges on the Republican ticket, Thompson seems like he might be a breath of fresh air.

It’s still early yet, and there’s plenty of time to disappoint, but given that Obama might actually beat Hillary, I might find myself hard pressed to find a Republican I won’t vote for given that choice.

UPDATE: Be sure to check out Frank J’s Daily Fred Thompson Fact

7 thoughts on “Fred Thompson? Why Not”

  1. I actually wanted to like Thompson and was planning on supporting him, but he fouled up big-time with some comments he made after the Virginia Tech mass-shootings. After the massacre, some idiot pundits– Nathaniel Blake, Michelle Malkin, some pompous British guy, John Derbyshire I think was his name– basically went around blaming the victims, saying they should have shot at the Korean gunner dude, or otherwise counted his shots and then bum-rushed him while reloading.

    Like there’s ANYBODY, even a trained soldier, who would’ve been able to count the shots when some random madman bursts into a college classroom of all places, with guns of unknown provenance and history, and more than one of them at that.

    Fred Thompson wasn’t nearly as stupid as the other three, and his comments were more along the lines of encouraging self-defense and stopping infringements on gun ownership by law-abiding Americans (which I happen to agree with). I know what he was *trying* to say, but it came out all horribly wrong.

    His timing was absolutely horrendous, and his comments were close enough to the stupidity of the Blake-Derbyshire-Malkin crowd that he sounded callous to the VA Tech students and professors, who deserve mourning and respect, not BS criticisms from pundits who’d probably cower in their shoes if they were in the same situation.

    So Thompson’s probably finished as a candidate– a shame b/c he was growing on me.

    Still, though I’m basically independent with a libertarian streak of my own, I would vote for almost any Republican against Hillary Clinton. It’ll probably be Giuliani, and while there’s lots to be annoyed at him about, he’s much, much, much better than the alternative.

  2. Sebastian: If you’ld like to see more on Fred but, don’t have the time to search for it try the following single list of direct links that has more information than you can probably read, watch or listen in one full day;,881.0.html

    Glad to see you with all of us!

    Now for Crispus;
    Hopefully, you’ll listen to a certified law enforcement firearms instructor when he tells you that Fred was extremely eloquent in his article and did not place the blame where you say at all. He was also absolutely correct in everything he said…I would have said much more but, he’s a top-notch statesman and had said enough to get his point across.
    Perhaps, if you go back and read his letter again without it being diluted with other comments you may see this for the truth that it is;
    Signs of Intelligence?

  3. I’ll support him strictly because he played the air traffic control dude in Die Hard 2.

  4. If anyone else is interested in where he stands on issues other than gun control.

    On the Issues

    I’m not a one issue voter and I hope that others aren’t as well.

  5. I don’t really go for the social conservative stuff Kathy, but I can deal with the overall package. I’ve given up on finding candidates that generally fit my views. If Rudy were pro-gun, he’d be the closest, but I have my doubts whether he can hold the party together enough to defeat Hillary or Obama, who I agree with even less on.

    In the end, I’m almost never happy with who I end up voting for. But Thompson I’m liking a lot more than the other GOP candidates. I like Richardson too, but I don’t buy the libertarian label he’s been given either. Plus, I’m pretty big on seeing us stay in Iraq until the job is finished. Whether the reasons for us going in were correct or not, I don’t see any way of extricating ourselves from the situation without leaving the field to Iran, which would be a disaster.

  6. I just found it frustrating to go to the site and not have any information available as to WHY we would want him to run in 2008. Since I had gotten there via your blog, I figured it was safe to assume that he was fairly pro-gun.

    But, I also care about abortion, health care, and anti-discrimination (against anyone regardless of gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation)

  7. He’s been out of the Senate now for 4 years. He’s also been saying some good things on other fronts rather than guns. I’ll link to them more as I see them.

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