Making Fun of the AR

Miguel has a graphic reminder that it’s not a perfect platform. However, I’d note the AK-47 has the ergonomics you’d expect from a rifle fielded by a brutal communist regime. One reason I prefer the AR platform is the ergonomics is just a lot better. Think about changing a magazine on an AR and an AK, and you’ll see what I mean. I can shoot my AR all day and enjoy it. I’ve just never felt the same way about the AK platform, and I have both an AK-47 patterned rifle and an AK-74 patterned rifle.

4 thoughts on “Making Fun of the AR”

  1. Why do you need to change magazines? Because AR magazines are made with the same type and thickness of tinfoil you’ll find in a chocolate wrapper. With an AK, the magazine itself is a weapon!

    Kidding aside, the AR platform is awesome, but it is the owners I love to mess with. It is the love of hanging every piece of new crap in them that makes the gun unreliable and that is an operator malfunction, not a gun problem.

  2. Assuming ergonomics irks me. Everyone is different – I find the AR awkward as hell to operate. The AK fits me quite well. Therefore I have five AKs and no ARs.

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