Best Reason of All to Vote Brown

Scott Brown’s opponent in the Massachusetts Senate race gets a Brady Campaign endorsement:

“This race is a clear choice between a tough, law-and-order leader who wants to fight gun violence in Massachusetts and a state legislator who has, either wittingly or unwittingly, become a poster child for the ‘guns everywhere’ gun lobby,” said Helmke.  “The people of Massachusetts should be clear what’s going on here: The gun groups are coming into Massachusetts to help Scott Brown because they know Martha Coakley will stand up to their reckless agenda. They also know that if he’s in their debt, Scott Brown will do their bidding.”

“The gun lobby already owns too many legislators in Washington D.C.,” Helmke said.

The fact that the other side even needs to fight for this seat at all is a victory in and of itself. Let’s work hard to make sure Paul has to lament yet another legislator we “own”.

5 thoughts on “Best Reason of All to Vote Brown”

  1. That’s fantastic news!

    Also is the news that they are legitimately worried about national reciprocity. It’s high time we had it.

  2. Best reason to vote for Brown is because Martha Coakly submitted an amicus brief to the nation’s highest court, arguing that Dick Heller and the rest of us have no individual right to keep or bear arms.

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