190 Dem Cosponsors, Not One Republican

The Assault Weapons ban of 2019, H.R. 1296, comes with 190 cosponsors. That tells me they mean to pass it. I’d note that 190 is not a majority. It takes 218 votes to pass a bill. It would be interesting to look at the Dems that haven’t cosponsored. I would be willing to bet many of them are in newly Dem districts that aren’t all that safe. I notice my anti-gun Republican Congressman isn’t among the sponsors. No Republicans are. Doesn’t mean they won’t be yes votes when the bill hits the floor, but it does mean we should not take for granted that Nancy has the votes. Obviously with that many cosponsors, a new Assault Weapons Ban passing the House is a real threat. If she means to have a fight, let’s have a fight. If your lawmaker is a Dem or squishy Republican, and they aren’t on this list, I’d organize now to make sure they hear from us.

Even if they are sponsors, they should hear from you. But it’s especially important that we influence those who are open to being influenced.

16 thoughts on “190 Dem Cosponsors, Not One Republican”

  1. My newly elected Dem, Abigail Spanberger (defeated Dave Brat in Cantor’s old district) is not on the list but she campaigned on the ban and was supported by the gun ban groups. Betting she is a yes.

  2. Kendra Horn (D-OK-5) is not on the list, but I expect she’ll be a “Yes.”

  3. If I were a newly elected Dem who just flipped a seat, I would stay far away from this bill and Pelosi knows this. Though I also don’t believe in giving prudent advice to the enemy.

    So, ahem, go ahead. Vote for it! Go HARD on gun seizures by all means!

  4. Here in NJ, a bunch of seats flipped with creative vote counting. What difference will their voting records make if they get to count the votes again next year?

  5. I’m beginning to wonder about the strategy of the extremist positions.

    This is not a bill that will play in Peoria. (Metaphorically – Peoria being in IL). But it’s one that will help run up the margin of victory in deep blue states. Which lets them say “a vast majority of americans support this” without noting how geographically concentrated that “vast majority” really is.

  6. OTOH, the House can pass this in the expectation that the Senate will bury it, so it won’t actually happen so they don’t have to worry about actually taking their constituents’ guns away.

  7. I suggest that gunowners do contact their congressman and show how much they do not like this. Even if you live in state that is solid blue it is good idea to let them know voters are against it
    Also a good idea to campaign for GOP candidates that do support gun rights rather than a Democrat that does not

  8. Of course Doyle (PA-18) is a co-sponsor, there isn’t a piece of anti-2A legislation he doesnt like. The supreme court really screwed us in southern Allegheny with re-districting. Every city should be its own congressional district.

  9. I prefer the term co-conspirator. There will come a day they’ll pay the legal price for their attempts to abrogate civil rights….

  10. Paging Rep Peter King (R-NY) to the voting booth…

    That guy seems like he’s never seen authoritarian gun control counter terrorism legislation he didn’t like. If he hasn’t signed on board yet then that certainly says something.

    Also, the white house is threatening vetos on UBCs and NICS delay modifications so I’m sure this would be vetoed. #WePOTUSNow

  11. Interesting how the title of the bill says “and for other purposes”. Any time these criminals do shit like this it makes my sphincter muscles twitch. But not as much as theirs will be someday.

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