McCarthy Hits 100 Co-Sponsors

This includes four members of the Pennsylvania delegation, Fattah, Brady, Schwartz and Doyle. I am happy to report not a single one of these co-sponsors is from the Republican Party. I’m really happy to see them holding party discipline on Second Amendment rights. Normally, with 100 co-sponsored, I’d be worried. I’m less worried without GOP sponsors on the bill.

Still, call your reps. It can’t hurt.

6 thoughts on “McCarthy Hits 100 Co-Sponsors”

  1. Almost half the cosponsors are from CA or NY, most of the rest are MA or NJ or other anti-gun states. I don’t think this will ever be able to pass the House or the Senate…but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

    If it gets out of committee I’m buying an 11 round Beretta magazine for a gun I don’t own for a caliber I don’t own to pass around in acts of civil disobedience. I figure in five minutes I can “transfer” it to enough people to get me an automatic life sentence. Hurray for keeping law enforcement and the public safe from empty useless spring loaded boxes!

  2. Only 3 from VA, and I’m glad to say that mine is not one of them.

    I don’t have anything (right now) that takes more than a 10 round mag, but my dad has a few guns that do. I’d like to be able to inherit them when the time comes (hopefully far, far in the future). Hopefully, this dies in committee like it should.

  3. I wrote to my anti-gun congresscritter and dismantled McCarthy’s bill point by point. To this day, he still isn’t a co-sponsor (Rob Andrews, NJ-1). Might just be a conincidence, or it could be that he actually listened to me… Either way, it makes the effort worth it.

    FWIW, I didn’t e-mail him. I used the old fashioned letter sent through snail-mail.

  4. “Still, call your reps. It can’t hurt.”

    As a measure of how worthless it would be to call my Rep: when Heller was at the Supreme Court, my Rep was one of only 18 Representatives to file an amicus brief in opposition to Heller, rather than the majority of Senators and Representatives who filed in support of Heller.

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