All I have to say here …

is that if you can honestly say given a situation like this, you’d rather be unarmed than armed, you’re either insane, or seriously and delusionally committed to the proposition that guns are just bad all around. Yes, people who carry guns can still end up being victims. Guns are not a magic talisman that wards off all evil. If that were the case, no police officers would ever be shot and killed with guns. But police officers still carry them, because they’d be foolish not to. You have to wonder if these people honestly believe police officers would be better off without firearms for self-protection.

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  1. Once again, the anti-gun crowd takes advantage of a tragedy to push their agenda, and once again, they get the story wrong. The police are following Maurice Clemons right now because of the four slain officers fought back and returned fire, something that unarmed sheeple cannot do.

  2. I find the infinitely illogical comments over at the HuffPo downright painful to read. The few sensible commentators who understand liberty and the Second Amendment are truly to be commended for endeavoring to spread some sanity among an audience that tends to have a polar opposition to private firearms ownership.

  3. Thanks a lot Sebastian. I went and read that post, and got super pissed at the idiocy. Then I read the comments, and they were worse—I want to shake the shit out of these people. Now I am all worked up and annoyed. THANKS!

  4. Welcome to the cesspool that is Huffpo.

    Mann, like MikeB, has found a topic that generates more than a dozen comments on his posts so he’s going to continue with as many as he can.

  5. Bill Mann is an incredible bigot.

    Thus far, though, the VPC and Brady’s have been silent on this brazen slaying of police officers in Washington.

  6. More sailing on a strawman, as nobody said guns make you 100% safe, nor is anybody calling to “Arm Everybody”. But without these logical fallacies, he would have no argument at all.

    And I think we can all say that the cops were indeed better off thanks to their guns, and with a little luck they’ll find the creep once he succumbs to the gut-shot he received in the struggle, so another leftie weenie won’t let him free AGAIN so he can do more damage.

  7. Using this argument, seat belts, helmets, and airbags, should all be dismissed as life saving devices, because they don’t save lives 100% of the time.

    I don’t debate people who willfully use such poor logic. It’s a waste of time and energy. It’s illogical to use logic against an illogical argument.

  8. Make everyone happy – pass a law that makes firearms illegal but bans enforcement of the law. The Fort Hood shooter and cop killer were multiple felons, that should have been executed by the state. Instead, they were free.

    I don’t mind anti-gun laws, as long as I’m sure they won’t be enforced against me. Liberals seem to love strict laws that aren’t enforced. I think there is room for compromise on this one.

  9. I must send Bill a comment that the armed police victims did shoot back, wounding the perp, and thus DID prevent a tragedy (of further murders by this racist hate-criminal)!
    Plus, the wounding helped the police to find this murderer and I just heard on the news they put an end to his crimes permanently – with a GUN! Something jail and rehab failed to do!

  10. Dusty, that’s a terrible idea (foolish, actually).

    There are far too many meaningless and ineffective laws on the books. Laws are far better repealed than simply not enforced. We have way too little respect for the law as it is.

  11. Nice how they skip over the fact that the murder was a convicted felon who could not lawfully possess a firearm.

    And how the presence of one CCW could have altered the outcome significantly by unexpectedly engaging the murder disrupting his executions of his targets.

    In this case, the police were targeted and could have used an armed citizen when the situation went to extremous.

  12. I wasn’t aware this happened at a police station, where most people ARE armed.

    There where 4 people with guns in the store, the four targeted individuals that where sitting together.

    The other customers where unarmed.

    How this shows that an armed society doesn’t help make people safer, I don’t know.

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