14 thoughts on “Court Date Set for McDonald”

  1. Sebastian,

    You and bitter are more then welcome to park at my building before hand. Maybe drinks the night before??

    I’d offer to join you for breakfast, but I’ll be on the Bar Member line. If you want, I can probably show up around 7 am with Dunkin Donuts and Coffee.

  2. Make sure to swing through as many National Parks as possible on the way there.

  3. I only hope it does all that we want it to do!

    NJ, NY, MD reciprocity in my lifetime?!?!

  4. I’ll be there as well! We should organize a 2A breakfast. I mentioned a little 2A friendly bar called the Tune Inn just a few blocks away previously. That would be a good spot. They open about 7:30 or 8:00.

  5. DCDC

    you on the hill?

    Tune inn is great. Haven’t been there in years. Might hit it for lunch today. Great suggestions.

    I was gonna suggest the Hyatt on New Jersey, where NRA, Safari Club and CSF all hold banquets and move lots of guns.

  6. My wife and I camped out the night before for the Heller arguments. We got in line at around 3pm and were #41 and 42. I think in all there were 80 in line by opening and maybe 60 or so got seats while the rest were cycled through in intervals.

    From talking to folks in the line, it seemed about split between 2A geeks and law geeks. Of course there were no (admitted) anti-2A folks in line. They aren’t camping out on cold concrete for this.

    I have a suspicion that this argument will draw a bigger crowd, both in the 2A geek and law geek camps.

    By the time we had gotten there, some industrious folks up front had taken it on themselves to organize the line. They greeted newcomers and put their names in order on the list. Everything was collegial.

    We’ll be in town for this one as well, so I’m up for meeting up with folks.

  7. Yeah, they started the list when they realized they would need to hit the bathroom periodically. I had decided not to bother camping out, even though I was off work for the hearing. Instead I just took calls to take food to people I didn’t even know in line.

    I spent the morning outside with the academics working with the media. This time I’ll be more prepared for that. I assumed someone had a plan last year. When I found out we had brief writers standing outside and media waiting around for the end of the hearing, I just started pitching as much as I could. We had some success. I figured that was more useful than what Peter Hamm was doing – arguing with pro-gun protesters. :)

  8. Bitter, have any prognostications on what the weather will be like in DC that time of year?

    We have a contingent of Illinoisans that are considering making the Hajj this time. I gotta believe it will be milder than what we are facing in Illinois that time of year.

    OT, but oh man we had some great sushi in DC on that trip. Better that most in Chicago and we don’t have terrible Sushi.

  9. I can hook anyone up with some fantastic sushi if that’s what folks want.

    As for what the weather will be, it could be 65 degrees and cherry blossom blooming time, or it could be 10 degrees and snowing.

    Really no way to know this far out..

  10. Countertop,-yes, I am on the Hill and a Tune Inn regular.

    Melancton: Camp out? Ugh. don’t think I am up for that. Maybe I’ll stop bye and lend you guys moral support.

  11. If Uncle Sam lets me leave his playground early, I’ll be there too. Otherwise I will see you all on the television.

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