Attention Police Officers

If you want to know why I think police need to stick with us gun nuts?  This is the reason:

That said, there appears to be far greater leniency with respect to the carrying, and use, of weapons by members of law enforcement in this country than is desirable.

Interestingly, as you know, police officers in Great Britain don’t carry guns, and that country has a much lower incidence of violent crime.

These people have absolutely no regard for officer safety at all.  They will put the lives of our police officers in jeopardy in order to quell their irrational fear.  They do not understand the nature of police work, nor do they care to.

Off duty carry is important for an officer’s safety, because the bad guys don’t have any concept of “off duty”.  5:00 doesn’t roll around and they suddenly become respectable family men.  If they get our guns, they will come restrict police guns next.  It’s not about fighting crime, it’s about feeding an irrational fear.

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4 thoughts on “Attention Police Officers”

  1. And that fear is completely justified. Even though our civil rights are disappearing on a near daily basis and this gov’t has the lowest approval rating in decades if not ever, we need to put our complete trust in them to protect us.

  2. Um, someone might want to tell them that GB has higher crime rates than the USA in all but murder (and they are catching up fast on that).

  3. Uh, not. I believe that a check of the most recent statistics shows that in fact the incidence of violent crime is higher in Britain then here.
    And a lot more of those incidences are what are known as “hot” break-ins; where the crims break into a house without checking to see if anybody is home, because they have NO fear of said occupents.

  4. I would point out that a woman’s life was potentially saved in New York City a scant few days ago by an off-duty police officer who happened to be carrying a concealed firearm.

    Of course, as an addendum, the woman might have lost considerably less blood to her attacker if anyone except the off-duty police officer was allowed to carry a concealed firearm – or own a firearm at all – within the confines of NYC.

    Indirectly, she is right – too many people have too far adopted the “police are somehow better than us” mindset, whether it is as a whole, in relation to their supposedly god-like firearm capabilities, or whatever. I am not one to write off police officers as a whole, far from it in fact, but some of the things you hear about from them, and the lack of reaction to those events, is just disheartening.

    That double standard, however, is absolutely no reason to disarm a group who depend upon their firearms for their lives – just hold them accountable.

    I think it was Heinlein that said, “There is a name for a state where only the police have guns – a police state.” There is also a name for a state where no one has guns – occupied. Be it by another nation, a gang, or the terror of random criminals.

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