6 thoughts on “Assault Weapons Ban Truly Dead”

  1. Can it be dead here too? I’d rather like one of those S&W M&P15-22s with the full-accoutrement of collapsible stock and normal-sized magazine….

    Oh and an M&P9 with a normal mag too. And that’s just the start of my list!

  2. And yet the implementing regulations for 18 USC 922(v) are still listed in the Federal Register/Electronic Code of Federal Regulations.

  3. I’d start with the full-size mags for my handgun; then move on to a real AR-15 (with a compass in the stock). From there, I think I’d have to budget

  4. It’s not dead. Unfortunately, it will rise again, like some political chimera, in another form, for “other” reasons. One of our elected “patriots” will slide it into an otherwise innocuous bill, and overnight we’ll have another “weapons ban.” Count on it. I find it utterly fascinating that the overall majority of anti-gunners live in the most heavily populated parts of our country. Where crime and violence thrives. When was the last time you heard or read where a potential victim avoided conflict or great bodily injury, or death by yelling, “You better not mess with me or I’m calling the cops!” lol! You’d be toast, whether in Philly or Phoenix. I think what causes someone to be an anti-gunner is lack of exposure and ignorance. And the fact that most never leave the confines of their “comfort zone.” But in this great land of ours, it is your right to be a victim. And since there is no national “good samaritan” law, it’s kinda fun to watch the anti-gunners go down in a “blaze of glory,” screaming for the cops, who are busy at the donut shop.

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