Self-Defense in Canada

It still exists, much to the dismay of a lot of hysterical elites:

Galloway is a licensed gun owner. He keeps a registered and permitted 9 mm handgun in his store vault. He went in and loaded it with a 10-round clip. By that time the robber had begun smashing jewellery cases with the butt of his pistol.

“I stepped out and started shooting,” Galloway said. “Both robbers turned and started running for the door. The first guy made it out. The second guy collapsed in the entrance. I guess I was aiming because I hit him, but I don’t really remember.”

Galloway emptied his clip. Police told him he hit the robber twice. They recommended charges of unsafe storage of a firearm and careless use of a firearm.

Fortunately, Crown prosecutors have so far declined to bring charges. But it’s started a debate; a debate that needs to happen in Canada. It is not vigilanteism to defend oneself from a criminal threatening you with deadly force.

There are plenty of people who agree. Among them is Norman Lapierre, President of the Quebec-based Canadian Association for Self Defence, the organization behind Galloway’s award for bravery.

Lapierre said he believes Galloway did the right thing.

Makes you wonder if there’s any relation to Wayne LaPierre, but it’s good that they are having this debate in Canada. It needs to start happening other places too.

2 thoughts on “Self-Defense in Canada”

  1. “Makes you wonder if there’s any relation to Wayne LaPierre”

    That was certainly my first thought.

  2. Time for me to renew my membership in the National Firearms Association (of Canada). I do like reading their magazine and they are fighting the good fight and beginning to get some traction…

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