Trying to Stop an Airgun Ban in Scotland

Looks like the Scottish Government is trying to get power to regulate airguns from Westminster, but shooting enthusiasts are trying to stop it, fearing that the Scottish Government will ban them.

Yes, even airgun sports are not safe if our numbers and political power are dropped to a sufficient degree.

2 thoughts on “Trying to Stop an Airgun Ban in Scotland”

  1. The most depressing and disgusting part of Scottish devolution is that the new Scottish Parliament wants to go with even tighter gun controls than even London wants. With the SNP (Scottish National Party–ostensible conservatives up there!!) leading the charge…makes me deeply ashamed of my ancestral homeland…

    Scotland was disarmed by England after the 1745 uprising. Now the Scots are such obedient lapdogs they do it to themselves. AAARGH!!

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