Where is the GOP Opposition Research Team?

At the tailend of the campaign, once Pennsylvania had really started swinging blue, audio of Barack Obama threatening to bankrupt the coal industry with his energy policies was released.  Unfortunately, it was far too late to use in any meaningful way.  (While Pennsylvania’s economy isn’t quite funded by coal as much as some would assume, there is clearly a strong connection to coal in this state.)  It turns out that someone uncovered it on the San Francisco Chronicle website where it sat for eight months.

Once again, video now gets play from an SEIU healthcare forum in 2007 where Barack Obama speculates on how his healthcare plans will really just be a transition to getting people off of employer-based private healthcare and onto a public plan.  This video has been online for two years and four months.  My question is whether the GOP had that clip or not.  If they did, was there a plan to ever use it?  Because now would be a great time considering all of these tea parties keep breaking out at Congressional town hall events.  This is a great scary clip video that illustrates the ultimate goal of many of the proposals in Congress.  I can understand if they were sitting on the clip until a certain strategic point, but given the coal example, I have little faith in their research results.  Do we need to send more interns down to DC to help them out?

One Response to “Where is the GOP Opposition Research Team?”

  1. N.U.G.U.N. says:

    I’ve lost faith in the GOP. I really have.

    I believe they have so lost their way that I am not sure there really is any hope for them. While I believe they might win elections, even gain control again. I believe the GOP that gains control will merely be Democrats. With the one differing agenda being perhaps pro-life platform vs. pro-choice.

    I really think we need a new party. Instead of left or right, we need the “Up” party. A libertarian movement that cares more about liberty than pot.