Hey, Obama & Pelosi

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I get no points for class or maturity, I know. But I think a little gloating every now and then is good for our Republic, and considering how much work I put into the 2008 election, only to suffer loss and discouragement, I get to gloat over this.

GOP sweep in a landslide in Virginia, and Corzine is out, and by a lot more than anyone thought. Apparently in New Jersey, we also turned a few Assembly seats, including one in Fred “One-Gun-A-Month” Madden’s district. It’s an awful repudiation of Obama and Pelosi’s agenda, and when combined with the New York Mayors race, which was far closer than anyone thought, shows that beating on the gun control drum doesn’t really help you much.

If Blue Dogs aren’t crapping their pants yet, they ought to be. The 2010 elections are only a year away, and Corzine’s defeat by nearly 5 points shows that Obama can’t be counted on to save you, even in a very blue state!

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    1. RAH, it shouldn’t be considered tight and undecided. AP called it last night for Joan Orie Melvin. As of this morning, there are only 100 precincts left to report (not sure where they are), and she has a lead of 111,150 votes.

      Stephen, interestingly, we got a preview of the spin last night. One of the Democratic state reps here was already saying that their win in NY-23 was clear that it was an evenly mixed night. I wanted to ping him back and say, “Dude, even with that win, he couldn’t do it without the Republican campaigning for him! And he still narrowly beat a third party candidate with no experience and no party support!”

  1. In both NJ and NY-23, neither winner managed a majority, and if the third-place votes had gone to the 2nd-place candidate it would have been inside the margin of error…

  2. ObamaCare is dead, gun rights are on the rise. Now I am energized for 2010. All the Obama bandwagon riders failed to show up.

    Back to reality.

  3. Sebastian says:
    “and Corzine’s defeat by nearly 5 points shows that Obama can’t be counted on to save you, even in a very blue state!”

    Regardless of anything else that happened last night, the above statement is probably THE MOST important result of last night’s election. The far-left should be scared out of their minds, and the Blue Dogs would do well to navigate the waters very carefully. After last night, I think 2010 is gonna be fun.

    I hope our esteemed President was watching last night; it would behoove him to persuade his party’s leadership to foster more of a spirit of cooperation than has been seen from them as of late.

    Congrats to everyone in NJ that helped to get rid of Corzine. Here’s to hoping that Governor-elect Christie isn’t as bad (or worse).

  4. If we call the moderate newly elected dems the Blue Dogs; their ears just perked up, to a sound that Obama and the legacy dems don’t appear to hear.

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