A Few Election Highlights

Well, Virginia looks not just good, but great. As of this posting, with more than 80% of the precincts reporting, we’re looking at a 20% decisive win. I look forward to the Brady spin that NRA is irrelevant in this race. If so, then why was Creigh Deeds trying to pretend he still had the NRA’s support? As much as the Brady Bunch must love that he wants to “close the gun show loophole,” it’s got to hurt that he was only willing to throw them the one bone and even then, he would publicly run from it.

I haven’t seen anything clear on NY-23 yet. That’s going to be interesting regardless of the result. I do believe no matter what happens, the Democrats will end up more powerful in the state Assembly.

In New Jersey, we’re going to be in for a long night. You just know that an ACORN worker will find a box (or 100) of uncounted ballots for Corzine in a closet somewhere if Christie appears to be the winner. When you start charting specific cases of fraud as soon as the voting booths open, it’s not going to be a clean election.

Tonight I also plan to check in on the Bloomberg-controlled anti-gun mayors of Pennsylvania. Keep in mind that local election sites vary in their quality, and many mayors are not challenged, it could be tough to figure out for a few days.

UPDATE: Cam at NRA News just reported that Creigh Deeds just conceded. He apparently waited until 87% of precincts reported that he was down 20 points before thinking he might not have a shot.

UPDATE: WOW. Wow. wow. Everyone calling for Christie. And yet Gibbs is trying to claim that Obama just doesn’t care about the returns.

Also, Bloomberg is up by less than 2 points with about 2/3 of the precincts. Could he be in danger? I would tend to doubt that he’ll lose, but he does not have a mandate. Give him hell, New Yorkers.

UPDATE: Judicial elections here in PA are looking mixed. So far the 2 seats for Commonwealth Court look to go to NRA-endorsed candidates. For Superior Court, 2 of the 4 seats look to go to NRA endorsed candidates.

8 thoughts on “A Few Election Highlights”

  1. That’s not shocking. I believe that Corzine was the first statewide candidate in 20 years who refused to come on and do a debate to their massive listener base.

  2. Well, they roasted Dagget worse. I was actually trying to refer to “stick a fork in it, it’s done”, but yeah, they’ve not been treatin Corzine very well during the campaing either.

    They’re been down on ALL the candidates; Christie certainly ran one of the worst campaigns I’ve been aware of.

  3. Looking decent for our side. It’ll be interesting to see how the NY race goes. It’s looking like it’ll be close.

    I think we did decent.


    1 out of 1 on Supreme Court
    2 out of 2 on Commonwealth court.
    2 out of 4 on Superior Court, with a third not being endorsed by the NRA but endorsed by other gun groups (FOAC). So that might be three out of four in our camp.

    Not sure I’d call that mixed. That’s 5 out of 7 seats taken by endorsed candidates (71%). And if Paula Ott is reasonably pro-gun that would be 6 out of 7 slots going pro-gun (85%).

    That’s not mixed…that’s a message for MAIG.

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