Blue Dog Support of Obama

Bitter talks about how far Blue Dogs should go in their support of Obama.  I agree with her that Schweitzer and Tester are actively trying to pull the wool over the eyes of Montana gun owners in covering up Obama’s awful record on gun rights:

The only really blatant examples of number four that I’ve seen have been in Montana. I don’t know why that is, unless Obama is really making a play for that state. I hope that the voters there will make sure to remember these false claims about Obama being fine with guns when his ATF starts closing down more of their gun dealers and he requests a gun ban on his desk after the first shooting with national attention. When the Blue Dogs start actively lying to their constituents over something as well documented as Obama’s anti-gun record of public statements and policy ideas, it’s time for them to go. They are no longer working to serve the voters who put them there.

That’s pretty much the skinny of it.  I hope NRA will think about this when it comes to endorsement time.

One thought on “Blue Dog Support of Obama”

  1. Of course they are going to lie. They are politicians and party(especially in the democratic party) always trumps truth. And yes there are some republicans who do the same thing.

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