Most Gun Owners Believe Obama Wants Their Guns

CS monitor reports on a new Gallup poll. It’s interesting how the media always pooh poohs this, as if the guy doesn’t have an awful record on the issue before coming into the White House. I mean, he voted against a bill that would have decriminalized defending your home with a handgun as State Senator. Even I think he’d like to take my guns, I just think he’s smart enough to know it’ll cost him politically. I don’t think he’s changed his mind on guns, I just think he’s being a smart politician.

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  1. I dunno, I suspect come 2012 he might realize his days are numbered and just go for it. If not before the election, after it as a pissed off lame duck.

    Dunno if he’d have the congressional votes, but he’s already marked himself as the enemy of our rights, I’m not going to turn my back on a threat like that.

  2. I put him in the “if I had the votes…Mr. & Mrs. America, turn them all in!” camp. He’d gladly destroy civilian gun ownership in this country if not for the political consequences.

    As Weer’d said, we’d have to be stupid not to expect the worst from him given his record. I’m far more worried about what he’ll do 2nd term (if there is one) when he doesn’t have to worry about re-election.

  3. Right on, Sebastian. He even said so, during the campaign. Not an exact quote, as it’s off the top of my head: “I’m not going to take your guns. I don’t have votes!” (those last 3 words ARE exact, I do remember that)

    And then there was Michelle, while on the campaign bus in Iowa, heard to say she could understand why people way out here away from civilization might want to have a few guns. Just clueless!

  4. I’ll bet, too that George W. Bush wanted to make prayer legal in school and drop the wall between church and state.

    I’d like to fly to mars and I want… a pony!

    It doesn’t matter if Obama wins a second term or not. It still has to get through Congress and, given the history of Congress, he won’t have any more Democrats there than he does right now.

    Might as well worry about a zombie infestation as something that is more likely, IMO.

  5. Oh, I’m not sure he would succeed. And as far as executive action goes; we got the current congress to essentially reverse the action taken to reban firearms in national parks.

    That having been said, the Dems do have a commanding majority in the Senta and a strong one in the House. It’s only thorugh their own ubris that they haven’t gotten any more Change through than they have now.

  6. I wouldn’t get too complacent. Many things can become possible once arms start getting twisted. Politicians have a lot of interests to balance, and it’s dangerous to assume we’re so safe as to not risk at all getting screwed. It looked like we could stop the assault weapons ban in the 90s too, until Clinton opened up the treasury and put some real political capital on the line to get it passed.

  7. “It looked like we could stop the assault weapons ban in the 90s too, until Clinton opened up the treasury and put some real political capital on the line to get it passed.”

    I think Sebastian should rather have written, “until Clinton started funneling taxpayer funds into a propaganda-laced and virulently anti-gun publicity campaign.”

    I can still remember having to see all these pathetic Ad Council announcements that distorted the realities over firearms in general on TV, and hearing them on the radio, too. It seemed almost as if this tripe was on every time I turned around. This was back in the early months of 1994 as I recall, which was long before I ever had cable TV and satellite radio.

    I think that many of us feel that we have come a long way since those days. Thank God for that!

  8. I sometiems wonder if Obama really MEANT to win the election. I kind of think he was tossing his hat in to get free national publicity; with the idea of either getting the veep nod or just getting some exposure for a 2016 run. Smart money said it was Hillary’s election to lose.

    But then his message(s) of change strikes a chord and his candidacy takes off. What can he do? He’s can’t bail – that defeats the point. The only thing to do when you’re riding the tiger is to hang on tight. For some reason, the powers that be of the Democratic Party don’t get behind Hillary (this is where it gets into conspiracy theory territory – I don’t have any idea why they might not have. I could spin theories all day – starting with how Bill gave Congress to the Republicans down to the PTB believing that Obama has a better chance in the primary). Bang, the tiger rides out from the convention with Obama hanging on.

    He’s in the right place, at the right time, and manages to pull out a squeaker of an election victory. Now what? He has no experience on the national stage; and has surrounded himself, not with the old lags/wheelhorses of the Democratic party, but with his Angry Young Men and Women.

    All they know of politics is being a Chicago Political team. And they’ve NEVER stopped running for the current or next office. So they’ve reached the peak – and don’t know what to do. There’s no further office to reach.

    “When in times of trouble – go with what you know”. And many more platitudes. Plus – the Office of POTUS is the most powerful in the world (Something I actually do believe). But it’s not totipotent; there are important constraints. You have to deal with people who don’t know “the rules”. You have to deal with living in a fishbowl and the people watching CAN’T BE BOUGHT OFF. You can’t lean on them to supress a negative story. Etc, etc.

    Anyway; it’s not even a theory, it’s not falsifiable; AND it fails Occam’s razor. For this to be true, the people in the smoke-filled rooms have to have dropped Hillary; AND she has to be willing even after that to take on the office of Secretary of State, which is a much less bully pulpit that Senator for New York. Nonetheless, improbable things happen, and I don’t have the full picture (nobody does).

    But it would explain a lot…

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