Bloomberg to Run Anti-Gun Ads in Virginia

NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg is paying for ads to run in Virginia urging a ban on private sales.

New York’s mayor and relatives of Virginia Tech massacre victims are releasing a new television ad next week urging the state to close a gun show loophole.

The second anniversary of the shooting is next Thursday.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg will join victims’ relatives in Arlington on Monday to release the ad.

Two quick things:

  1. The Virginia Tech shooter did not buy his guns at a gun show or through a private sale.  This ad serves no purpose other than to use the victims to advance a political agenda.
  2. The timing was picked for no other reason than public relations grandstanding considering the Virginia General Assembly went out of session in February.  In fact, they met for the last time this week just to review vetoes and actually overrode two vetoes of pro-gun legislation.

4 thoughts on “Bloomberg to Run Anti-Gun Ads in Virginia”

  1. Let the-bastard-His-Highness-the-Mayor spend the money & run the ads. Goodness knows the Virginia economy needs needs it. Just don’t let it be on credit. Cash up front.

    BUT – if anyone / everyone in the area can pass around the above blog info, that should help to pop his balloon.

    PLUS – ask? WHY is Bloomberg, NEW YORK CITY mayor, running anti-gun ads in VIRGINIA? Even if you don’t have an answer, it should make people stop & think (at least, those with two or more brain cells to rub together). And maybe something will come to light that Hizz’Onor doesn’t want exposed. Like the fact that The Emperor has No Clothes on.

  2. I think it would be fair play to run an ad in NYC that talks about respecting term limits and why they were put in place.

    Bloomberg is the person I despise the most in politics. He is the epitome of the nanny-state elitist douche-bag who makes everybody’s life hard. To much ego, and not getting laid enough can produce this: BEWARE!

  3. Gun show loophole…What the hell is that? Oh, unlicensed dealers. The last gun show I went to, I purchased from an unlicensed dealer a book on the American Revolution. From another I bought a “T” shirt. Another sold a stacking swivel, for my M1, to me. What about the hot dog and Coke I bought from an unlicensed dealer? But when I found a Model ’97 I couldn’t resist it went through NICS. Gun show loop hole = lying bastard!

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