HSUS Attacks 1st & 2nd Amendments

Yesterday, I mentioned the outrageous power grab that the Humane Society of the United States was making in the name of the animal rights. With new government divisions, agency liaisons, and a White House czar proposed, their agenda is far-reaching and a threat against many issues, not just animal production & far-flung animal rights concerns like whaling.

In their “Change” agenda, HSUS specifically calls for a ban on handgun carry for self-defense, using poaching of big game as an excuse.

Hunting in National Parks – in order to protect wildlife from poaching and ensure public safety, reverse final rule by Bush Administration that undid a longstanding ban on carrying of loaded, concealed weapons in National Parks; continue the historic prohibition on sport hunting in national parks, and prevent attempts to allow private sport hunters to target elk in Rocky Mountain National Park and Theodore Roosevelt National Park; oppose legislation like H.R. 1179, S. 917, and S. 684 in the 110th Congress that would open National Parks to sport hunters

In Pennsylvania, the National Park Service controls 24 popular recreation areas. That means in order to defend against poaching, HSUS believes you should be disarmed while visiting Gettysburg, stopping at the memorial in Valley Forge, or even walking across the lawn in front of Independence Hall in downtown Philadelphia.

Fortunately, pro-gun leaders in the US Senate & House have made the case against carry in these areas much harder. HSUS would now have to overturn legislation signed into law earlier this year to ban lawful carry again. With our friends in Congress, that will be much harder to do.

Beyond the Second Amendment, HSUS also called for the White House to defend a law that makes hunting photos & outdoor media illegal. And defend, they did. Obama’s administration went to the Supreme Court to protect the law to restrict the First Amendment. Fortunately, Court observers say that it appears not a single Justice agreed with the positions of HSUS & the administration.

If the law is overturned on Constitutional grounds, HSUS indicates it would like to be involved in writing a replacement speech-restriction law. While lawmakers would be expected to try and limit such a law to ban pictures of extreme acts such as so-called “crush videos,” but HSUS could try to expand it to again target outdoor media, photos, and videos.

For those gun owners who don’t believe that the Humane Society of the United States isn’t a significant threat, consider their resources. When they decide to pick a fight with gun owners, they have funds that far surpass those of the Brady Bunch. In 2007, the Brady Center reported total revenue of $3,863,596. Their net assets at the end of the year totaled $3,013,211. On the other hand, HSUS has far more flexible income. In the same year, HSUS reported total revenue of $101,826,190 with net assets at the end of the year totaling $204,868,764. Once they turn their sights on us, it will be a well-funded fight.

5 thoughts on “HSUS Attacks 1st & 2nd Amendments”

  1. Holy Crap! $200 million!? Where the hell did they get all that money?

    And they will whine and cry when US v Stevens is ruled for the 1st amendment.

    1. Well, in 2007, they budgeted well and had expenses that were about $10.3 million less than their revenue. Do that often enough, and you build up serious reserves. Now granted, assets are not necessarily cash on hand that can immediately spent. But, those are still resources that can be tapped into, so they shouldn’t be discounted. HSUS is fantastically talented at raising money, especially on the backs of actual animal shelters. They have also merged with other animal rights organizations, bringing those previously divided resources together to be more powerful as a single organization.

      Darren from NRA actually mentioned at the Blog Bash session on hunting issues that after his years lobbying on gun issues and now working exclusively on the hunting side of things, HSUS is much smarter than the Brady Bunch. They are slicker and have a bigger wallet. If you ever watch Wayne Pacelle at work in interviews, he puts Paul Helmke to shame.

  2. HSUS is running late night ads on Fox news. Of course They don’t uses their name in the ads, they ask for donations for SaveAnimalsNow dot org, but that redirects you to HSUS.

    Slimy bastards.

  3. HSUS is remarkably evil, which is why they are remarkably dangerous. They make the Brady Campaign look like the paragon of clarity, truthfulness, and healthy debate on the facts.

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