Great Editorial, but Wrong

The Dickson Press is disappointed that North Dakotans won’t be able to protect themselves in National Parks:

Unfortunately, an expansion of the Second Amendment right to possess and carry arms will not touch North Dakota.

On Friday, an Interior Department executive order was passed which allows people to carry concealed weapons in some national parks and wildlife refuges. North Dakota does not qualify because it does not allow guns in its state parks.

Except that the rule that was eventually adopted differs from the original proposed rule, in that the state in question must specifically prohibit carry in National Parks, or federal lands.  North Dakota bans carry in state parks in the same way Pennsylvania did (before it goes away on 12/16) which is through administrative rules.  There is no blanket ban on public parks or on National Parks.  Once the new federal rule on National Parks goes into effect, you’ll be able to carry in National Parks in North Dakota.

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