Michigan Considering Campus Carry

Jeff Soyer reports, and notes that these bills haven’t fared very well. That’s largely true, but it forces the other side to spend time and resources organizing against it. It keeps them on the defensive. So even if it’s not working out in individual cases, the issue is of great strategic value.

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  1. I was at the committee meeting today. The chiefs of police for UofM and Wayne State were there and bitched and moaned about alcohol and irresponsible students. Interestingly, MSU was not there because they already allow carry on their campus. UofM and WSU promptly got told that they were using the same arguments that they used in 2001, which were bogus arguments. The rep from Flint moaned about “too many guns” but everyone seemed to ignore him.

    Also, 4 of the committee members owned up to having a CPL, and one admitted to a violation of a pistol free zone. Whoops.

    MCRGO and MGO were there too. Jim Simmons and Steve Dulzack (sp?) made excellent arguments. They did a good job. The State Police were there and said they were neutral on the bill.

    I was a bit nervous when I testified but the chairman had his staffer save me for last “to add a personal touch.” I told them about how 3 medical students have been robbed at gunpoint in Detroit this year alone and the campus is not safe like the WSU police chief said. I also told the chief I was offended he called me irresponsible. I told him if WSU trusts me to be a doctor trainee, then certainly I can be trusted with carrying my pistol with my license.

    Overall I think it will make it out of committee, but who knows after that. What was disappointing was that I was the only person not representing a group or organization who was there. If we would have packed the room with college students it would have been really great.

    And then after that I walked over to the anti-doctor tax rally. I got a lot done today.

  2. Weer’d Beard, So far, there have been very few if any shootings on Utah campuses, that I know of.

    The U of U lost their campus carry fight several years ago, in court, for a couple of reasons. 1-They are a state-funded entity, under state control, therefore 2-they can’t pre-emt state laws which allow concealled carry by lawful students.

    The UofU tried all the usual tricks about “eeevvviiilll guuunnsss” and “weee’re speeeccial”. But they lost anyway.

  3. Ha. I just got a call from the Detroit News. Look for me in the paper tomorrow. We’ll see how they spin the issue.

  4. Pete … I am not from Michigan, but I have worked on academic campuses for a couple decades.

    I just want to thank you for the time, preparation, and commitment you have to this cause. Sincerely, a big thank you!

    Slowly things are changing. Campuses are truly considered by many to be “sacred places” … and I think that mindset drives much hysteria.

  5. Yeah, I had read them both. I don’t know who is doing that writing, but my guess is that it’s Josh Horwitz. All those groups are just damned incestuous. FSA is a product of Joyce Foundation, though, seemingly unlike CAGV, which Horwitz is the leader.

    You know, it’s amazing how that real news article talked up all the opposition, and mentioned those groups opposed by name.

    And you know what is better? We are making tremendous strides forward despite all that help the other side gets. I think that the hysteria just isn’t doing the trick anymore. Thank goodness.

  6. How would this affect the few state schools that have their own rulemaking authority?

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