Lead Bullets in National Parks

Les Jones reports on lead concerns in regards to allowing carry in National Parks.  The bullets in my carry load contain no lead, but that’s another matter.  If National Parks are really as safe as all the critics say they are, this is not really an issue.  The number of discharges for self-defense should yearly, amount to less than a dozen.  I’m sure there’s more lead in the paint on the walls of some buildings in National Parks than we’re talking about here.  We’re talking about concealed carry here, not opening the parks up to random gunfire, though you’d imagine that’s what some think.

5 thoughts on “Lead Bullets in National Parks”

  1. ummm! Can someone remind these numskulls that lead is a mineral and present in all sorts of geologic formations in quanitites far exceeding those allowed by the EPA.

  2. I imagine that what they are “concerned” about is Lead poisoning the animals and ultimately humans. As is adeptly pointed out herein, Lead contamination is more likely spread by Lead-based paint flaking off of a structure and leaching Lead into ground water or ending up in rivers and streams than it would be for a few spent rounds to cause any real calamity.

    I fear that they (yeah, those they people) will wait a couple years, do some not-so-random sampling and cry wolf about the Lead problem with no prior study information available.

    I truly loathe when information is skewed to make a point. Leave the data alone, it didn’t do anything to you. BTW, Lead is not a mineral… Iron Pyrite and other Lead containing ores are minerals. Sorry, the geek-dominant gene took over for a bit.

  3. I don’t understand this argument. (Well, I do; it’s an obstructionist argument not a legitimate concern, but let that pass for the moment) Are they saying that people will be treating the National Park system as a shooting range? Or that somehow people’s carry ammo will mysteriously sublime into the atmosphere the moment they cross the border?

  4. Ok, now I get it… as distasteful as it may be to read this trash, the Brady campaign site has just explained to me why the Lead thing will be important.

    The Brady twits have filed a law suit claiming that the Bush (they aren’t ever going to let go of that) administration changed a rule without studying the environmental impact. Follows is excerpted…

    “The suit charges the new rule is unlawful because it was issued without any analysis of the rule’s impacts on the environment and park visitors’ safe use of the parks, as required by federal law.”

    The environment… right… that’s rich.

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