Like You and Me, Only Better

With Corzine trying to paint Chris Christie as a tool of the “gun lobby”, which is kind of amusing since I think most of us think the guy is pretty weak on the issue, third party candidate Chris Daggett’s driver, a retired NJ State Trooper, apparently left a loaded pistol in the glove compartment of a loaner vehicle. Remember, New Jersey can’t pass concealed carry reform because ordinary citizens are too irresponsible, and can’t be trusted to carry guns!

7 thoughts on “Like You and Me, Only Better”

  1. There will be no pro-2nd Amendment candidates on the ballot this year for the gubernatorial race in New Jersey. Steve Lonegan was the only hope for that and he lost out to Chris Christie in the primary.

    As for this Chris Daggett guy, I cannot help but wonder if his campaign has been aided in some way by Democraps in New Jersey as a way to siphon off some votes from Chris Christie and score a reelection for seatbelt Corruptzine the incumbent.

    1. But there is a candidate who is willing to not use NJ gun owners as a punching bag, and that alone is a huge improvement. So go Christie!

  2. Driver is of course an Only One. I’m pretty sure behavior like that would get the license lifted if not arrested for someone not a (an NJ) cop who had somehow gotten a permit to carry.

  3. Remember when the last pro-gun candidate , Bret Schundler, ran in New Jersey? In their debates when the issue of concealed carry came up (which Schundler was a supporter of), his opponent McGrevey came out and said something to the effect that concealed carry might be alright for other states but wouldn’t work with the people of NJ. As I watched this I was waiting for Schundler to pounce on what I took to be McGrevey’s pretty racist innuendo, that the many black and brown people of NJ can’t be trusted with guns. But Schundler didn’t seem tor respond and ultimately he lost.

  4. I wonder what kinds of tricks retired state trooper Ken Argiro got up to when he was still in uniform. One thing I’ve never disputed is that civilian concealed carry guys are more responsible than the police.

  5. OMG! The sky is falling! Where’s my umbrella? I actually agree with MikeB on something!

  6. Oh, do not worry, BWoodman – good ol’MikeyB still wants to disarm you, and leave the police (and criminals) still armed.

    As usual, his logical inconsistencies show through and through…

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