No Violations Reported

Officials in Sharonville, Ohio, the town that hosts the gun show Bloomberg conducted his possibly illegal stings at, have said no one has ever reported a violation at one of the shows. You’d think since Bloomberg filmed unlawful activity, he’d want to do something about it other than just promoting more gun control laws.

5 thoughts on “No Violations Reported”

  1. But if he turned his evidence over to the police and they investigated/arrested those individuals who broke the law, then he would not have them to hold up as law-breakers any more!

    An honest person would realize that, if his argument required a situation like that, they were making the wrong argument…

  2. I wish we had some prosecutors with the balls to hit him with a criminal action for each sting out of his jurisdiction, and fine him all to hell for it. It’d be interesting to watch him try to live without his money. Wonder how much longer he’d be anti-gun if he couldn’t finance his little private security force?

  3. “private unlicensed gun dealers”?

    Shhhh, don’t tell bloomy but I’ve operated as a “private unlicensed doctor” since I once removed a splinter from someone else. Oh, sorry, I might be jumping ahead of the narrative by disclosing that, but it’s coming under obomber care. The power hungry anti-rights mayor might be there to catch the next operation on camera.

    The guy allegedly films a crime and clams up about it(besides his little youtube video, I say the “criminals” there ever kill anyone the family should get bloomturds cash. ALL of it! They should also be allowed to keep him in a 4’x4′ “cell” dug under their basement, feed him spiders, and only provide a sponge so he can acquire water.

    Maybe if his liberalship had any honesty and compassion for humanity he could have stepped in and offered to get the guys some body guards instead of watching them buy a gun. He can afford it. Isn’t that what his type of big smother nanny-staters always demand?

  4. I wrote about this today, suggesting that Sharonville Ohio is turning a blind eye, which is the same thing many pro-gun folks do. The fact that “no violations” had ever been reported in the face of Bloomberg’s video, speaks volumes.

    Sebastian, I know you said you don’t do that, but I’m afraid many of your friends do. These shabby practices at gun shows could have been self-policed long ago. I find it surprising that the licensed sellers don’t drag those guys we saw in the video by the neck and throw them the hell out. They give a bad name to all of you.

  5. Mike:

    One thing I wonder in all this is how Bloomberg chose to target gun shows. I’ve been to a lot of gun shows, in more than just my state, and I’ve never seen private seller tables like the ones depicted in these videos. These guys had glass display cases, and looked like I would have expected a dealer to look. You wouldn’t invest in that stuff if you weren’t regularly appearing at shows. It might be that the guys dealing without a license know particular show promoters don’t ask too many questions, and so regularly appear at a small number of shows.

    I agree with you, Mike, that gun show promoters ought to be careful about making sure unlicensed dealers (not I say unlicensed dealers not legitimate private sellers) are kept out of their shows.

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