New Preparations for UN Treaty on Small Arms

So far the Obama Administration has shown about as much interest in picking a fight with gun owners as Iran has shown in making peace with Israel. But the UN is a big wild card in play. It’s possible to get an international arms control treaty that could have serious implications for American gun owners. See this AP article on the latest preparations. They would like to have a comprehensive treaty by 2012.

Whether President Barack Obama’s administration will now back negotiations remains to be seen.

Gun control is a hotly contentious issue in the United States, where the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees citizens the right to “keep and bear arms,” and powerful lobby groups routinely oppose almost every effort to restrict gun sales and ownership — and usually win.

Supporters of a new treaty stress that it will not interfere with legal arms sales but will target illegal weapons transfers.

We’ve heard that one before, and unfortunately, previous proposals would have forced the US to pass many more gun control laws in order for nations party to the treaty to be able to legally export small arms to the United States. In short, if you like your Glock pistol, Anschutz target rifle, or Perazzi shotgun, you’re going to be out of luck if a treaty is passed that prohibits exporting firearms to the United States, because we do not implement sufficient “controls” by international standards, for the transfers to qualify as “legal.”

10 thoughts on “New Preparations for UN Treaty on Small Arms”

  1. More crap from the U.N. that won’t solve the problem but make it worse. Screw them (the U.N.).

  2. Normally, I would just say have each overseas gun maker just set up a production plant in these United States if they don’t have one here already, but Obama has long been seeing to it that no foreign businesses could even find it desirable to do so now.

    This farce of a UN treaty is all just another baby step towards a Marxist one-world government and all-around dystopian existence for all.

  3. The NRA is already on this, got a call from (at least someone representing) them the other night, needing my generous donation to help gear up to fight this.

    Let’s just keep an eye on this, the Useless Nations can pass all the idiocy it wants, but it won’t have any effect here until signed, and ratified. I doubt it would ever get signed, and almost certain it would never make it through the Senate. Especially if we stay on top of them about it.

  4. Even if we don’t ratify it here, Sebastian is right that it could choke imports.

  5. Would have little effect on us in the long term.

    Every country on earth turns a blind eye towards treaties when it comes to making money. The only real market for old military arms and ammo is the US.

    The arms will arrive, one way or another, provided our own government stays out of the way.

  6. China is a good example of this. They sell firearms cash on the barrel … they care not where they end up. Most of the pistols that are smuggled into Japan and Australia are exported from China by the container load.

    Want a container of 106mm RRs and ammo … Pay cash. Norinco does not care. They will post a guard on your container while it is in China is all.

  7. Kristopher: Haven’t you heard? It only seems to matter to the dweebs at the “Useless Nations” if and when smuggled black market guns and ammunition turning up in any foreign country can be somehow then blamed on the USA and/or the Second Amendment.

  8. “Every country on earth turns a blind eye towards treaties when it comes to making money.”

    If that’s true, why can’t I still buy cheap South African .308?

  9. It’s that import thing that’s gonna finally save us. The US is the largest consumer – it’s not even close – of firearms inthe world. Any country with any sort of gun industry isn’t gonna sign on to this ie: germany, Italy, Russia, or China.

    Plus, the UN security council can kill any proposal working through the UN. china, which would love to be a much more serious player in the firearms market – not to mention Russia – will kill it.

    As for the US significant it – there’s zero chance of it getting ratified by the US senate.

  10. Here is a question worth noting: What foreign gun makers that we don’t import a great deal of DONT have American plants. Ever gun maker I can think of right now I know they have a plant in the US. I mean not including companies that just import but don’t really make anything unless using imported de-milled parts like Century?

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