Never Again

From Broward County Florida:

Goldstein, who lives in Hallandale Beach, is a Holocaust survivor whose family was forced out of its home in Romania and into a ghetto.

“We went through hell,” she said. “We could not defend ourselves.”

Goldstein said that is part of why she feels passionately about the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms, which she said provides “the freedom that I know I can defend myself.”

Good for her. She’s been a member of the NRA for years, but hadn’t shot a gun until now. Follow the link for video.

7 thoughts on “Never Again”

  1. Well I can’t watch the videos but G-d bless her just the same. She should join JPOF also and help spread the word to other Jews.

  2. I read some of the comments on that article. I’ve come to the conclusion that some people won’t see logic until they are in the prison camp about to go into the oven, and then for them it will be too late. Sadly, I have also come to the conclusion, that such willing ignorance is fully deserving of it’s fate.

  3. I am glad that the survivor wanted to learn to shoot. But I would have started with something she could use without a big kick. She need the instructor to help her hold the gun and the recoil may have scared her off.

    I like colt 45 ACP but not every woman child or elderly person should learn with one.

    Start with a Ruger Mark II 22 rimfire. It is easier and gives the shooter confidence. Then they can move up.

  4. “Start with a Ruger Mark II 22 rimfire. It is easier and gives the shooter confidence. Then they can move up.”


    It’s not just confidence, either. It’s hard to teach someone the basics when they’re afraid to pull the trigger because you started them with something too big for them. Starting with a Mark II/III or a similar .22lr lets them get used to the idea of recoil, and learn the basic principles before they pick up something that really kicks.

    I wouldn’t even go straight from a .22 to a .45, either. A .38 would be a good intermediate caliber. It makes real noise and has decent recoil, without being too heavy for a beginner.

  5. Ah, the MikeB’s of the world have joined in.

    Bear arms? Did she have a number on her BARE ARM? Had she not witnessed enough violence in her life!

    The internet never ceases to amaze me, today I have witnessed a post from a man with no brain stem.

    Even worse are the fudds joining in over there.

    Guns are THE tool to deal with evil and violence. Period. End of discussion.

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