What a Great Guy

There’s not many anti-gun people I would say I truly despise. Most of them are good Americans with a different opinion about how to deal with the problem of violence, and maybe some phobias to go along with it, but Bryan Miller is not among people I count in that category. A good person’s reaction to someone being killed in a domestic violence incident is not “Well, you know, I was right and she was wrong, clearly.”  But here’s what Bryan said:

“Ms. Hain’s position was that guns make people safer. I thought at the time that she was incorrect. I’m very sad to say events seem to have sadly shown that I was correct,” Miller said.


16 thoughts on “What a Great Guy”

  1. Come on get your head screwed on straight, clearly the problem here is not guns but heterosexual co-habitation. After all we couldn’t just place the blame on the responsible party.

  2. I’m sure Miller was misquoted. He meant to say, “Ms. Hain’s position was that guns make people safer. I thought at the time that she was incorrect. I’m very happy to say events seem to have happyly shown that I was correct,”

  3. So is Miller arguing that cops shouldn’t have guns? Or should we only disarm violent, spouse-abusing cops?

    What a moron. How can anyone take him seriously?

  4. Latest reports are that he shot her with his gun then went upstairs and used a shotgun on himself. It seems she was on the internet with a friend with video. The friend said she didn’t she it as she had turned away. She heard the first shot and a scream when she turned back she saw him fire 5 more shots. she called the police.

  5. Wow. Just Wow.

    This disgusting sack of excrement actually has the unmitigated gall to gloat in the face of a senselessly murdered woman, and pull a childish, “I win,” stunt? That goes completely beyond the pale, and proves just how much of a subhuman prat he really is.

  6. I’d gladly pay some kids in Cryin’ Bryan’s neighborhood to TP his house on the night of the 30th of this month – doesn’t he still live in a Philly-area suburb of New Jersey?

  7. “The primary reason he’s gloating is that she wiped the floor w/ him during a televised interview.”

    +1 Thirdpower! Everybody have a look at the above video.

    Meleanie Hain’s body may be dead, but through her actions she attained immortality, and part of her immortality will be her kicking the shit out of Bryon Miller on TV.

    A reluctant activist who just wanted to keep her children safe who was pitted against a professional gun control activist and she kicked his ass!

    We miss you Meleanie, and we know you won!

  8. Isn’t Bryan Miller supposed to be a minister of some sort? WWJD…except to score political points I guess.

  9. Put that quote on billboards around Miller’s office. That is the most despicable thing I’ve heard in my life. Miller’s so low that he could walk under a snake’s belly without ducking. Pathetic.

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