AR-15 Lower Project Has Begun

Brownells has shipped the parts I ordered to complete my AR-15 lower. I figured I’d keep it simple for my first lower, and just got a DPMS parts kit and a DPMS standard M4 collapsable stock kit. This upper will go on my 6.8SPC upper, so that I don’t have to keep stealing the lower off my Bushmaster every time I want to shoot 6.8SPC. The good thing about ordering from Brownells, from the East Coast, anyway, is that you get to see a nice f**k you to Mayor Daley in the FedEX tracking:

Screw Daley

I appreciate the fine workers in Mayor Daley’s Chicago supporting my hobby by shipping parts to my AR-15. I’ll feel even better when one of those fine workers can buy the same parts for his own AR-15 lower. Brownell’s is only a day’s shipping from Chitown, so it’s going to be happy building once Daley’s gun control regime gets flushed down the crapper of history by the Supreme Court.

4 Responses to “AR-15 Lower Project Has Begun”

  1. Melancton Smith says:

    Not only are those EBR parts in Chicago, but at an airport, no less! OMG. I’m dialling 9-1-1 but am on hold.

    BTW, who’s upper do you have? I’m thinking my next build might be along those lines.

  2. d.w.drang says:

    The DPMS trigger guard roll pins are rather notorious for not wanting to go in. In case you noticed at GBR and were wondering why I have no trigger guard on mine, still waiting for (backordered) OD Green Magpull MIAD pistol grip w/integral trigger guard…

  3. Ronnie says:


    You know that you are breaking the law by building your own AR, right?

    Well, you are according to this dude I was debating with in the comments section of a youtube video. He is supposedly a sergeant in the Marine Corps too, so I guess this also makes him an authority on federal law enforcement and BATF rules.

  4. Sebastian says:

    That’s amusing, especially considering I filled out a 4473 and state police form for the “firearm” part of the gun.