AR-15 Lower Project Has Begun

Brownells has shipped the parts I ordered to complete my AR-15 lower. I figured I’d keep it simple for my first lower, and just got a DPMS parts kit and a DPMS standard M4 collapsable stock kit. This upper will go on my 6.8SPC upper, so that I don’t have to keep stealing the lower off my Bushmaster every time I want to shoot 6.8SPC. The good thing about ordering from Brownells, from the East Coast, anyway, is that you get to see a nice f**k you to Mayor Daley in the FedEX tracking:

Screw Daley

I appreciate the fine workers in Mayor Daley’s Chicago supporting my hobby by shipping parts to my AR-15. I’ll feel even better when one of those fine workers can buy the same parts for his own AR-15 lower. Brownell’s is only a day’s shipping from Chitown, so it’s going to be happy building once Daley’s gun control regime gets flushed down the crapper of history by the Supreme Court.

4 thoughts on “AR-15 Lower Project Has Begun”

  1. Not only are those EBR parts in Chicago, but at an airport, no less! OMG. I’m dialling 9-1-1 but am on hold.

    BTW, who’s upper do you have? I’m thinking my next build might be along those lines.

  2. The DPMS trigger guard roll pins are rather notorious for not wanting to go in. In case you noticed at GBR and were wondering why I have no trigger guard on mine, still waiting for (backordered) OD Green Magpull MIAD pistol grip w/integral trigger guard…

  3. Sebastian,

    You know that you are breaking the law by building your own AR, right?

    Well, you are according to this dude I was debating with in the comments section of a youtube video. He is supposedly a sergeant in the Marine Corps too, so I guess this also makes him an authority on federal law enforcement and BATF rules.

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