Sugarmann is Another One …

of those gun control advocates who’s keepin’ it classy:

As an advocate who debated gun control supporters, Hain was well aware of the facts presented in opposition to her views. Yet she parried them as irrelevant to her world, in the same way that the concerns of her fellow Pennsylvania soccer moms were dismissed as the intellectual flotsam of the anti-gun mind. To this mindset, gun homicides, unintentional deaths, and suicides were events that happened to other people who lacked the temperament, training, or personal fortitude to own a gun. In essence, Hain, like many of her fellow pro-gun advocates, lacked an ability to think in the abstract: Her gun experience was positive and whatever negative effects others felt from firearms, the gun, and gun owners like herself, were never to blame. Is it too bold to think that if she had survived her husband’s attack by shooting him to death she would have offered his killing as proof of the effectiveness of the self-defense handgun? Based on 25 years in the gun control debate I don’t think so.

Look, Josh, it’s not any secret that I was not a fan of Meleanie’s activism, but I won’t presume to assume what she did and didn’t dismiss, and smear her with all the standard bugaboos anti-gun folks have for pro-gun folks. But you’re right about one thing Josh, if would have been an example of the effectiveness of self-defense had she been able to successfully defend herself against her husband. Because she’d be alive, and her three children would still have a mother. Surely that would not be a tragedy in your world view just because we would get to make a point? Sometimes I wonder.

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  1. I find it absolutely mind blowing that everybody focuses on her gun ownership, even though it was her husband, a cop, who shot with his gun.

    Can anti gunners be taken seriously at all?

  2. i left him a comment. i also emailed it to him at the contact page for VPC

    Here’s the article you should have written Josh,


    Beyond the easy Irony…

    Meleanie Hain carried a gun. Openly. Even proudly. I disagreed with her but the law was on her side. She was murdered by her parole officer husband, apparently with his agency issued sidearm while her own gun was hanging on the door secured in her backpack/purse. She never had a chance. Even under the most restrictive gun control policy that anyone could conceive of, her husband would still have been issued a gun. And she would still be dead. So rather than take the easy way and try to score political points, I will simply say that I offer my sincerest condolences to her three surviving children. This isn’t a time to talk about gun control, which would not have saved her, but to ask men to watch their friends. The only way to stop domestic violence of this nature is to spot it before it happens. Think how this would have turned out had one of his friends seen the warning signs and talked him into getting help. So if you really want to help people like Meleanie, help people like her husband.


    you would have written something like that if you actually cared anything at all about Meleanie, or women like her. I only met her once, but I’ll miss her.

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