MAIG Media Campaign Hits Texas

Richard Ward, the Mayor of Hurst, Texas, wants everyone to know that he’s an NRA member, and a proud member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns. In it, we see familiar language:

Unfortunately, the NRA has spent the past month attempting to bully mayors, including me, to drop out of this effort to have a consensus discussion about guns. They have sent hundreds of thousands of misleading postcards stating this coalition is “anti-gun” and is seeking to “regulate gun shows out of existence,” along with several other untruths and misleading statements.

Where have we heard that before? Unfortunately, not all these mayors are going to see the light and bow out gracefully. Many of them will need to be forced to leave MAIG by forcing them to leave office. I wouldn’t worry too much about getting a pro-gun activist mayor to replace your MIAG loving incumbent — really all we need is someone who agrees to leave the issue alone. Because of preemption in most states, guns are not generally a local issue. In fact, I would consider using that against the mayor. Find local issues people care about, and question why the mayor is spending time and energy on an issue that’s more of a state and federal issue, rather than what’s important to your town. Back to Mayor Ward:

I fully support the rights of law-abiding citizens under the Second Amendment. What I don’t support is criminals getting their hands on guns. The coalition is for enforcing existing gun laws, increasing penalties for gun criminals and closing gaps in the gun background check system.

No one supports criminals getting guns. We have a system of laws in place that make criminals obtaining guns unlawful already. MAIG isn’t just recommending closing gaps in the background check system, they are supporting a bill that will effectively shut down gun shows.  Have you read it, Mayor Ward? Are you aware MAIG supports rationing guns to law abiding citizens? Is that the kind of measure Texans will support? Are you aware that ATF and the Fraternal Order of Police are against the measure MAIG supports to open up trace data? Are you aware that Mayor Bloomberg has interfered in the prosecution of actual criminal gun traffickers because it served his political purposes.

Mayor Ward includes an e-mail address at the bottom of the article.  Perhaps some of my Texan readers can respectfully ask him whether he’s really thought about this issue.

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  1. “A consensus discussion about guns?” Is that like the “consensus” about global warming – a “discussion” of which has devolved into an agenda-driven domineering rant by a vocal group demanding obesience to their faith-based belief-system?
    The Constitution doesn’t recognize “consensus” when it comes to the Bill of Rights.

  2. On 9/18/2009 I e-mailed Mayor Ward –

    I noticed that you are the only Mayor in Texas that is a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns which was created by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg as a front group to lobby Congress to oppose important pro-gun reforms and support new federal gun control restrictions.

    I would request that you scrutinize the information that led you to your decision to join this group and after thoughtful contemplation consider leaving this anti-gun organization.

    Respectfully submitted,

    David Lambeth

    I promptly recieved the following response –


    I think you will see an increase in the number of Mayors that become members of MAIG. As you requested, I have
    scutinized the information that led me to the decision to join this group and after thoughtful contemplation I am even more convinced that I have done the right thing.

    I have attached some of the information I researched along with replies from other folks who have requested I resign from MAIG. I believe you are an intelligent person and will see through the NRA and why they have started this string of lies.


    To which I replied –

    Mayor Ward,

    Thank you for your timely response.

    I appreciate your military service and your personal commitment to protect the 2nd Amendment.

    However, I think you are being duped ….. I could go point-by-point thru your information document, but the fact that the MAIG is supported by AHSA is a big “red flag” – AHSA founders are associated w/ numerous anti-gun organizations.

    Personally, I’ve often wondered if part of Laura Miller’s defeat was linked to her participation w/ MAIG ….. and apparently all other Texas Mayors that signed on to MAIG have now disassociated themselves ….. leaving you as the only Mayor in Texas that is a member of MAIG.

    Thank you for your time.


    David Lambeth

  3. David, I would go ahead and make the case to him. He might be a true believer, which you will have to convince by voting him out of office.

  4. I think that the Star-Telegram Op-Ed by Mayor Ward that you linked to on your web-site is a clear indication that Mayor Ward is receiving a great deal of local attention & correspondence. :-)

    The NRA & TSRA are active on this issue as well.

    I have also been spreading the word via Texas Gun Talk:

    I would encourage everyone to e-mail Mayor Ward to express their respectful disagreement w/ his views of MAIG:

    But I think he has drank the cool-aid and doubt he will be swayed ….. hopefully the voters will rectify the problem. ;-)

    btw – were working on the ONE MAIG Mayor in Texas ….. couldn’t help but notice that there is a LOT of work to be done in PA! ;-)

  5. My comments regarding PA were tongue-in-cheek.

    Kudos for your efforts – sincerely.

    btw – I enjoyed your segment on Cam & Co

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