Just Got A Wii

Because Nintendo slashed the price of the Wii, Bitter and I decided it was time to get one. Who knew you could blog on it? It’s tedious but doable. Now to play.

UPDATE: I’m a fan of the Wii Play tank game. Bitter and I were also having fun with the boxing game, which gives opportunity to say “I’m going to beat you like I don’t want guns anymore!” Nintendo Wii, making domestic abuse a fun game since 2006!

20 thoughts on “Just Got A Wii”

    1. They knocked the price down $50 to $199 today. They are increasing the price of SportsResort on the 12th by $10, but giving you an extra Wii Motion Plus, thereby saving you $10 total. (The extra Plus costs about $20 today.) So if you had your eye on a Wii with 2 remotes, Sports Resort, plus a second Motion Plus, then this is a pretty good time. We just got Wii, Wii Play (for the extra remote), and extra nunchuk today. We’ll get Sports Resort with the 2 add-ons on the 12th.

  1. The tank game is great. I thought I’d beaten it at 20 missions, but turns out the gold medal just unlocks the rest of the boards and there are 80 in total. Big fun.

  2. “I’m going to beat you like I don’t want guns anymore!”

    Makes more fun because it lasts longer. It’s a real fight not just shooting.

  3. It’s a poor blooging tool, but if you really want to expand your possibilities the Wii Opera browser will recognise a USB keyboard.

    Great system. Also I’ve lost about 15 pound, and added more muscle than I could have ever imagined simply by playing some of the many exercise programs. Gold’s Gym Cardio workout is one of my faves.

    Really an amazing system, and well worth the cost if you ask me.

  4. I like Tennis and Mario Kart also. The kids like Brawl, Mario Galaxy, and Lets Tap.

  5. Unfortunately, all gaming consoles are made “You Know Where”. The country that straps women in the third trimester down to operating tables and forces them to have abortions if they already have one child, puts catholic priests in prison, etc. etc.

  6. And I bought mine slightly over a month ago too…

    Good news about Wii Sports resort though, I haven’t gotten that yet

  7. So I’m guessing robert’s home is completely devoid of consumer electronics then?

    And most plastics. Oh, and he doesn’t have a car because the steel probably isn’t home grown.

  8. I’m not excusing the Chinese Government human rights record either. It is atrocious. But I think a wealthy China is going to demand more personal freedom than a poor China.

  9. While I cannot say that my household is completely free of MIC things (I cannot control what my wife buys) I can say that my televisions, DVD, VCR, laserdisk, amplifiers, telephones, PC components and razor are not MIC. The individual components such as chips, resistors, capacitors, etc. that are inside of them I cannot say but I try my best. Even if you can’t reach 100% perfection, is that a reason not to try your best? Assuming that they could get away with it, if California (a favorite target of yours) decided tomorrow to ban all firearms and ammunition, would you not try to boycott them as much as possible? Is it just a matter of “out of sight, out of mind”?

    The chinese gov does not let it’s citizens get too wealthy. Just enough to keep them under control. They learned a lesson from the soviets in that you have to let the people have economic freedom (to a point). Any moves towards democracy will be stomped on hard.

    China is a far greater threat to the US than any terrorist group. Please stop feeding the dragon before it decides that you are the next meal.

    Sorry for the rant. I just get a bit worked up by this. I do appreciate the news and insight that you give us into the fights for our 2A rights.

  10. robert:

    I just don’t see how you convince the Chinese Government to change its policies by making your average Chinese person less well off and poorer by refusing to trade with them. And as for them being a threat, it seldom makes good business sense to bomb your customers. If International Trade can tame the Germans and Japanese, I’m fairly confident that over the long term it will work with China too.

  11. The tank game reminds me of an updated version of Atari Combat.
    The Lego games are great as well, Jones, SW, Bman. vary fun.
    I want to get Mad World.

  12. The lego games are practially worth the price of admission, much less what the games cost.

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