Links Between Brady & MAIG Established.

With yesterday’s announcement that the Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner is working to promote Bloomberg’s MAIG coalition, I decided to a little bit of research on just who reached out to him on behalf of the NYC mayor. Turns out what I found supports the research by Carl in Chicago, but it comes straight from the mouth of Bloomberg’s Pennsylvania staffer.

Max Nacheman is cited as the Pennsylvania Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coordinator, and his background in politics is a page out of the who’s who of gun control advocates. It seemed awfully coincidental that the entire Bloomberg mayor’s group agenda is also supported by the anti-gun Brady Campaign. What is absolutely not coincidental is the connection that Max Nacheman brings between the two groups.

As Bloomberg’s representative for Pennsylvania, Nacheman is responsible for visiting towns and promoting the idea that they should pass illegal local gun ordinances. In May 2009, Max Nacheman spoke at the Lancaster City Council meeting in support of “lost-and-stolen” legislation and revealed the connection between MAIG and the established gun control movement.

Max Nacheman, Philadelphia, stated that he represents a National Coalition of Mayors, of which Mayor Gray is a leader, Mayors Against Illegal Guns and the Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence.

That’s right, Nacheman admitted that in his position with MAIG, he also represents the Brady Bunch and that they both seek to accomplish the same agenda.

Before Nacheman became a spokesman and organizer for both Michael Bloomberg and the Brady Campaign, he came to Pennsylvania as a student at UPenn. While he was there, he happened to study Religion and US Public Policy. Interesting, and just where have we heard of a project that involves religion as a justification for public policy?

Eventually, he started working with the Hillary Clinton campaign for the Democratic nomination for President. Clinton’s support of gun control is long established, though it is unclear if he ever worked specifically on the issue for her campaign. However, once Barack Obama secured the nomination, Nacheman opted to stick around to support anti-gun State Representative candidate Steve Rovner based on reported campaign expenditures. As a candidate, Rovner stuck out to Bucks County gun owners as one of the only candidates to embrace gun control group endorsements which he lined up after Max Nacheman started working with his campaign. Fortunately, not even Nacheman could save Rovner’s challenge to the incumbent.

Nacheman, interestingly, cites his address in the campaign reports as Bashing Ridge, New Jersey. Max would hardly be the first gun control advocate to cross the Delaware in order to blame Pennsylvania’s pro-gun culture for the crime and corruption of New Jersey and New York. We gun owners in Eastern Pennsylvania have grown used to seeing CeaseFire New Jersey’s Bryan Miller all over Philadelphia. Perhaps the next time Max Nacheman comes over to promote MAIG-backed illegal gun control ordinances, he can hitch a ride with Bryan Miller and offer to pick up the bridge tolls with Brady Campaign funds.

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  1. I’m shocked to learn this … shocked, I tell you.

    Nice work, Sebastian. Now, let’s hammer those remaining mayors relentlessly until they resign the group, or admit their agenda.

  2. Apologies …. I do that often … read the blogs here without reading the fine (yet important) print denoting authorship.

    Sorry to Bitter, too. But good find with those council minutes!

  3. That’s some fine investigative work there. It is too bad for the old-media that they’ve lost the ability to pull things like this off. Thanks, not only for the superb work, but also for (once again) showing the power of new-media investigative reporting.

  4. Perhaps the next time Max Nacheman comes over to promote MAIG-backed illegal gun control ordinances, he can hitch a ride with Bryan Miller and offer to pick up the bridge tolls with Brady Campaign funds.

    Somehow I don’t think they’d get very far…..

  5. Great work guys!

    We are doing our best here in NY to blunt the force that Bloomberg’s MAIG is trying to accomplish nationwide.


  6. Guess who pays Max’s salary… the Joyce Foundation.

    From JF’s grant list:

    United Against Illegal Guns Support Fund
    New York, NY

    Amount: $325,000.00
    Length: 12
    To support four diverse Mayors Against Illegal Guns coalition members in hiring City Coordinators to act as regional point persons for the coalition.

    1. I do believe funding is fairly mixed, to Mayor Mikey’s credit. Obviously he’s raising money for this (your numbers are from 2008, but there’s also the 2009 grant to fund staff for $500K), but historically he has been willing to put his own money on the table. Sadly, he has a lot of it. That’s why we try to encourage others to give when we do. If we all give a little, there are a lot more of us than there are on his side. We can counter it, and we should.

  7. Due to the inter-relationships of these gun control organizations, as they go back and forth across state lines, could they be Federally charged with crossing state lines with a minor for immoral purposes? (Everything applies except “the minor).

  8. So…is there someplace that shows how long some of the mayors have been members?

    I recently (month ago maybe) got an NRA mailer saying that my mayor was a member. I had looked over it, but never saw him on there.

    You’re providing some good info here for a change.

    1. That’s a very rude comment at the end, Tom. If you choose to re-ask your question without insulting the host, then maybe I’ll choose to answer. In the meantime, if you believe this blog is so terrible for news, I’m assuming this will be your last visit. For someone who feels the need to argue that it’s a change to find good info here, I find it puzzling why you have left more than 300 comments and been a regular visitor for more than two years.

  9. Keep up the great work!

    Oh, and as an ex-resident of the PRNJ, however appropriate Bashing Ridge, New Jersey may really be, I think you mean BASKING Ridge. :P

  10. Nope, I typed what the campaign report said correctly. There’s a reason I phrased it the way I did. (Given that SIH has a wider audience range, I didn’t feel like it was terribly important to focus on that correction. My source on it would have been the pop-up laden at that.)

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