I Will Welcome Rendell’s Departure

Republican or Democrat, at least we won’t have Ed Rendell to kick around anymore after 2010, or maybe that’s the other way around. Go see Capitol Ideas for the Guv’s latest delusions of grandeur. He thinks we’re lucky to have Obama, and, of course, him. Because he gets this whole green thing. Unless, of course, by green you mean money. If the budget crisis of Ed’s making wasn’t proof enough that Rendell either skipped Econ 101 or slept through it, he also believes we’re not paying enough for milk. Price controls? What could possibly go wrong?

Hat Tip to Grassroots PA for the milk thing.

3 Responses to “I Will Welcome Rendell’s Departure”

  1. bggwind says:

    There’s a downside to no more “Fast-Eddie”…

    We’ll all inevitably have to endure more on Comcast SportsNet’s Eagles’ pre and post-game :-(

  2. Dannytheman says:

    What will Fast Eddie be the czar of? His lame duck time has been completely wasted, and I wonder where he will go. I truly thought he might take on Specter before that turncoat showed his true colors. I can’t imagine what Eddie will do, he ain’t going to retire. He is losing weight and getting healthy for some reason.

  3. You mean higher price controls, don’t you?