One thought on “Who’s Providing Guns to the Manatees?”

  1. Well. hey, if noone (excepting military, and perhaps police) had autos no cars would be stolen so stolen cars could not be used as crime getaway vehicles and….

    “In the first six months of 2009, $65,000 worth of guns were stolen in Manatee, the sheriff’s office reported. During the same time frame in 2008, that total topped $100,000.”

    Gosh, I guess noone bought any guns since last October – unlike the rest of that part of the country where you actually can buy guns, which all eported increased sales.

    “Most guns eventually will be used in a crime, says Greg Arnold, State College of Florida criminologist and former law enforcement officer.”

    Oh? Over 51 per cent, then?

    “Federal law mandates that federally licensed gun dealers can sell only to those 21 or older, though there are no state regulations that provide oversight of gun dealers adhering to the law.”

    Uh, also stated is that the Florida age limit for owning is 18 so that must be legal somehow, And I’ll bet non-Fed LEOs can make arrests involving the breaking of Federal law.

    “Another common mistake by gun owners: the failure to record serial numbers of the firearms they buy.”

    OK. For my own records. In case it is stolen. Or perhaps recalled by the manufacturer for defects, etc. Same as my TV, toaster…

    “They should also have their weapons checked through law enforcement databases to see if they have been reported stolen.”

    Whoa! What? In some circumstances, perhaps, like suspecting the person you bought from is a low-life. But buy at WalMart? A dealer? A neighbor? Amd what sort of “check?”Serial number, as supplied by me maybe: handing it over for weeks or longer while test-fired bullets checked, no.

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