The Commie Has Resigned

Van Jones has resigned from the Obama Administration.  You know, if the guy had been a communist in the 50s or 60s, I might have been able to look past it.  People can grow, and accept different ideas.  But he was an avowed communist in the 1990s.  The 1990s!  After everyone knew it was a failure.  Murderous failure.

No, you sir have no place in the Government of the United States, and I’m glad you realized it, albeit belatedly.  The Obama Administration should be ashamed it to even allow him in his cabinet.

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  1. Bet he winds up on a government funded payroll somewhere. That kind of leach just hides in the shadows.

  2. “You know, if the guy had been a communist in the 50s or 60s, I might have been able to look past it. But he was an avowed communist in the 1990s … after everyone knew it was a failure.”

    Pretty much what I thought too.

  3. I used to work with a communist. He was proud of the fact too. Had a major role on the Gore campaign.

    One thing folks don’t realize is that for most liberal democrats (or at least the wonks here in DC) they still consider themselves communists or socialists. And are still fighting for that revolution. Only know a days, they call themselves Progressives.

    I wish I had a screen capture of it, but back in the early days of the internet, I’m talking ’95 or ’96, when I lived in Vermont I ran a political page following my exploits on the camapign trail in NH (it would clearly be called a blog now) we didn’t know what that was then.

    Anyway, Bernie Sanders was my congressman. He was a self admitted socialist. I noticed on his early web page a link to the new “progressive” caucus. That link took you to Nancy Pelosi’s web page. She was their chair back then (neither were hosted on the house server – at that point members who had web pages set them up privately).

    Anyway, the progressive caucus had as a wall paper a yellow background with red soviet hammer and sickles, and a link to old soviet/communist worker songs.

  4. The funny thing is not the communist that took him down but being a 9/11 truther.

    So having a red commy, black racist is fine in the highest places of government. But a truther is beyond the pale. I understand that, but when I recall the cold war and the work to root out communists in government in the past it seems ironic.

  5. Next is Diversity person in FCC Mark Lloyd who plans to insitute the Fairness Doctrine.

    There are a lot of weeds in the WH that need to be pulled up.

  6. The interesting bit about Van Jones is that it was Gateway Pundit that got the video about being truther that made him resign after midnight.

    Congtrats to Jim Holt of Gateway Pundit.

    The NYT, LAT, Chicago Trib, ABC, NBC, and CBS had not covered the story of his transgressions and now have to explain why he had to resign.

  7. Amateur patronage fails at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue again. I realize that Chicago doesn’t have “advise and consent” for appointing appartchiks; but the does. And it’s been clear for years now that you can’t cover up what you say or do; any more than a puppy can cover up what he’s left on the linoleum.

    Plus, the power of the central party organizations has been broken since before Reagan; representatives vote their constituency before their party. The parties attempt to set up things so that the consituencies’ interests align with the party interests through gerrymandering, but that’s an imperfect tool. Harry Reid is probably more “conservative” than Olympia Snowe in some ways. I don’t know as much about the House, but you can probably find examples there, too.

    To come onto the most visible political stage in the world and act as though it’s Chicago politics-as-usual shows a shocking amount of hubris and naivete…

  8. Gotta disagree: If the guy had been a communist in the 50s or 60s, it would just mean he was riding the wave of destruction instead of following at the tail end out of stupidity…

    After all; people can’t help being stupid.

    The trick is keep all the fools who’ve been ‘educated’ well beyond their intelligence out of power. I think this episode reveals that the best way to do that is to expose their stupidity… In much the same we expose the stupidity of those who think keeping people defenseless is the best way to protect them.

  9. The more it changes, the more it remains the same. The commies used to call themselves Progressives back in the 30s when word of some of the excesses was beginning to leak out, and the name Communist was getting into bad odor. Today, all that’s forgotten.

  10. The National Enquirer occasionally gets things right too, but no one paid attention this when it came out because no one takes WND seriously. Blogs still get credit for this one. Namely Gateway Pundit.

  11. “Blogs still get credit for this one. Namely Gateway Pundit.”

    Methinks that, if there’s any credit due, then it should go to Glenn Beck for his incessant banging of this drum for over a week and Fox News for standing behind him and being the sole “major media” outlet to report this. But then, I’m sure that Beck makes your “moderate” conservative buddies Henke and Friedersdorf “uncomfortable” also.

    Since I don’t fit your “movement” – one last link and I’m outta’ here:

  12. Careful of the door on the way out. But I think you misunderstand the concern I share with Henke. If you believe that Obama was born in Kenya, then no, you probably don’t have much to offer the movement. But the idea that we’re concerned about “losing control” is crap. The concern is that you can’t win with a little tent, and not many people want to be under the Birther tent.

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