It Won’t Be Long …

… before Obama the Lightworker unites the pro and anti-gun in frustration over his Administration, though for different reasons.  Now Paul is upset because Obama doesn’t seem to be doing anything about Tiahrt in his budget.  I’m guessing ATF supporting it might have something to do with that.

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  1. I think that Paul Helmke and his group are just upset generally. They can’t get any traction, no matter how hysterically the media covers the violence in Mexico, or the shootings in the US.

    If his group can’t get traction exploiting these tragedies and crises (however overblown they might be), then his group probably cannot get traction at all.

  2. I am always struggling with is what we are being told is the truth or not. For the most part, I have found that it’s not. I stumbled on this re:barack obama and the second amendment while researching the ever debatable topic on guns & 2nd admendment/

  3. Hi Maggie.

    I am from Illinois (Chicago … Obama’s town), so I know the President’s stance on second amendment issues as well or better than anyone. I believe that the only time he’s supported a “second amendment freedom” position was a vote to authorize retired police officers to carry protective arms. At all other opportunities (some on his own initiative), he has chosen and voted to restrict second amendment rights and freedoms.

    For the most part, the information in the link you posted is completely true. They are verifiable facts, not just someone’s opinion, biased or otherwise.

    In fact (the article didn’t mention this), Obama used to serve as a Director of Chicago’s Joyce Foundation. While Joyce funds many different initiatives, they are long-time and heavy funders of groups such as the VPC, LCAV, ICHV. These groups work specifically to frustrate and reduce second amendment rights in the United States. In fact, much of Joyce’s funding for second amendment scholarship was turned into papers and opinions cited by DC and allies in the Heller case (Saul Cornell at Ohio State was one of the main players). The papers endeavored to undermine the history and intent of the second amendment to protect an individual right to arms. In fact, in time it will be shown that those research programs worked to actively re-write American history for the purpose of eliminating the second amendment … without having to attempt repeal of the amendment.

    Let me make this clear. Despite what he says today as President, Barack Obama’s position on second amendment rights must be evaluated based on his history and track record.

    Maggie, let me be perfectly clear … President Obama does NOT, to the best of his ability or otherwise, honor, preserve, protect or defend the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

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