No Great Leap Forwards for Me, Thank You

Looks like the White House’s green jobs advisor has quite a past:

A declared “communist” during the 1990s, Jones once associated with a group that looked to Mao Zedong as an inspiration.

And here I am worried that right-wing fringe groups might turn away independents and moderate Democrats.

7 thoughts on “No Great Leap Forwards for Me, Thank You”

  1. This is my favorite from the Van Jones “best of” series (from March 2009):
    “The white polluters and the white environmentalists are essentially steering poison into the people of color communities.”

    Seriously, the people this President surrounds himself with are complete freaks. Which is why, back on the WND thing, it’s really good to be paranoid.

  2. Van Jones’ idea of green jobs has nothing to do with a vital economy and everything to do with wealth redistribution, no property rights and “social justice” (equality of misery except for the commisars and their remora). Not a little like Pol Pot’s vision of a perfect agrarian marxist paradise.

    He is a bad man and exactly the kind of fellow traveler Bammy likes to have around. Wright isn’t a viable counselor at this point, but Jones is, and of the same ilk.

  3. After the USSR fell apart. The Socialists and Communists in Europe and America had switch to Green parties to push their agenda under the radar. I have known that for years. Van Jones is just proof the same in the US.

  4. After all Global warming is attacked against the Wertern economies and that has been a goal of Communists for a long time.

    Britain has a bunch of nuclear and coal plants closing under European rules That is 40 % of their energy production. Now how to you think if that is done will effect their economy?

  5. Just to show how much pull this guy has, cars for clunkers was his idea. He called it hoopties for hybrids.

  6. According to Beck, Van Jones is part of the Apollo Commission that wrote big sections of the stimulus bill.

    Fox is going to town against Van Jones and getting a lot of pressure to get him gone. I have ben lloking at these sfow cabinet members with suspicion and trepidation for a long time.

    Now that Obama has been shown as vunerable on the health care, they are going aginst all his czars that push sterilizationm euthanasia, communism. bailing out union pensions and health care plans and destroyong medicare advantage fo rthe elderly.

    To think this came from a big push from a facebook posting by Palin.

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