More HSUS Astroturfing

JD in the comments points out that HSUS are also astroturfing in the comment section of the Bismark Tribune.  Now, I should say that I don’t have hard IP evidence, but the name is the same, and the comment is the same.  If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck …

3 thoughts on “More HSUS Astroturfing”

  1. The Tribune didn’t post my 1st comment about “Will” but they posted my 2nd.
    I suspect I’m not the only Tribune reader who smelled out “Will, the rat”.

  2. Just curious, but could the HSUS bungholes be sued for bilking the public with the deceptive name of their group? People think it’s their local Humane Society’s national counterpart, surely some good law dog out there can take em to the cleaners for fraud or something.

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