Caught HSUS Astroturfing

The Humane Society of the United States, not to be confused with your local animal shelter, is apparently not above astroturfing.  In my previous thread on the ban on preserve hunting they are pushing in North Dakota, I got engaged in a conversation with a person claiming to be a hunter in the comments, until I noticed his what his IP address resolved to on ARIN.   Be careful out there folks.  These people are slick.  The person you’re speaking with claiming to be a hunter may very well be an animal rights activist trying to divide the community.

3 thoughts on “Caught HSUS Astroturfing”

  1. Glad you caught them. The reason that there is fenced enclosures is that there is limited areas to hunt with good game and hunters pay well to get game. What HSUS does not realized or ignores that this raised prey increases the wild game.

    I was appalled at the African lion hunts in enclosures but then found out that money helps a lot and helps preserve the numbers of wild lions. If hunters kill enclosed animals it reduces the number killed out in the unenclosed areas The money can pay for preserves.

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