I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

Lots of talk around the blogosphere about this training exercise out in Iowa where the military is training to go door to door searching for a “weapons dealer” and cordoning off the search area.  Participation in the exercise is on a volunteer basis.  Rumor going around now says that the exercise is canceled.

I think they likely are training to search for weapons, but I’m going to agree with SayUncle’s take on this that it’s training for Iraq, not here.  Most of the past five years our soldiers have been looking for caches of weapons and explosives over in the sandbox.  The rule was (at least until the Iraqi Government nixed it) was that families could keep one Kalashnikov or other firearm for self-defense.  Heavy weapons, explosives, or caches of weapons were contraband.

Given that training exercises generally take a while to plan, I wouldn’t be shocked if this drill was planned under Bush.   If Obama and the Democratic Congress had a secret plan to pass a gun ban and confiscation bill, why would the Iowa National Guard be in on the secret, but no one else?  One reason I don’t believe in broad conspiracies is because people talk.  Sure, I suppose it’s possible the order came down from on high to conduct this training making it look like it was for Iraq, but if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.

UPDATE: I should clarify that I don’t believe this training exercise should be conducted, and it ought to be opposed, but that is out of a general principle that the military should not be using civilian communities in military exercises.  Even if they are getting volunteers, not all in the community will be pleased with the disruption from the military presence.  I have no problem with the military conducting these exercises on base with civilian volunteers, but taking over a community is extreme.

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  1. “If it looks like a duck…”

    Lotsa different kinds of ducks, Sebastian.

  2. I agree that this is not intended to be training in procedures to be used against Americans, but that’s what it accomplishes, isn’t it? It gets American soldiers used to controlling American towns, entering American houses, and searching American citizens. It gets American sheeple used to meekly allowing a standing Army to enter their homes without due process.

    Train like you fight, fight like you train.

  3. I should make clear that I don’t think this kind of exercise is a good idea. I’m glad it appears they canceled it. I do think the intention was to train for duty overseas, but I don’t like the idea of the military using a civilian community in exercises. Mostly because of the reason you mentioned.

  4. The military already has purpose-built “villages”, complete with Iraqi immigrants to be the “villagers”. It was even broadcast on TV (60 Minutes, IIRC). Quack.

    Someone posted a comment on another blog saying that there is already a training compound at Camp Dodge for these guys to use. Quack.

    If the second item is indeed correct then “Cui Bono” (Who Benefits)? Why do this with a civilian population, complete with an approving article in the local paper? Quack.

    I’m willing to entertain your thought that this isn’t as evil as it seemed at first. I’m also of the opinion that having some folks raising a ruckus over this is exactly the right response. Getting us to regard armed (having no magazines in the rifles is irrelevant) and uniformed soldiers walking through our streets and operating roadblocks as merely “training” or otherwise a routine sort of thing is a Very Bad Idea. Quack quack.

  5. I’m also of the opinion that having some folks raising a ruckus over this is exactly the right response

    I think a ruckus should be raised, because I don’t think the military should be conducting exercises on the civilian population. But that’s a general principle rather than because I fear this exercise has nefarious purposes.

  6. dern threepers! Always raising a ruckus.

    This needs to spread MUCH further, canceled or not, especially given the new gun owner trend and sales #s we’ve been experiencing.

    We’ve been there doing this, if for iraq, for years now, ditto for afghanistan. Bring some folks who can make use of the firsthand info, HIRE folks to roleplay bad guys (job creation) and have at it at one of their cities purpose built for this.

    I don’t think they’re doing that because I don’t think that has anything to do with it.

  7. This is nothing new. Alex Jones (yeah, I know) has some video of similar exercises from back around 1994 I think. I’m sure there’s more than one in his archives.

    About 2-3 years ago they attempted to do something like this in Ohio which caused a bit of a stir then too.

    It’s weird that people forget that this is “normal” in today’s world.

  8. When G Bush 2 was president, we had to listen to the left go on about him being/becoming dictator. Now we have to endure this stuff from the right. There are plenty of real reasons to hate Obama and to oppose him, this is very low probability. The worst thing about it is that it will bleed of energy that should be used to fight the real antigun threats.

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