Star Ledger Strives for Balance and Fails

I think this article in the Newark Star Ledger that MikeB pointed to in the Star Ledger tries to seek balance, by pointing out both sides of the coin. It’s a tired formula the media uses in attempt to appear balanced and insightful, without actually being balanced and insightful, and still pushing an agenda.

It’s also an intellectual cop-out to suggest we just ought to split the difference and be done with it, as if we’re not already sitting on top of a pile of gun laws and regulations already.   It’s difficult to take an article seriously when it’s author can’t even understand the difference between licensed dealers and black market dealers:

Half the guns used in crimes come from one-percent of gun dealers. There can be better oversight of those dealers, and better enforcement of laws.[…]

In New Jersey last month, undercover State Police busted a Glassboro gun dealer who allegedly sold them two assault weapons and a 37 mm projectile launcher, as part of a crackdown on the one percenters.

The guy in the link above is not a legal gun dealer.  There is no change in regulatory oversight or new gun laws that are going to affect him.  This isn’t some kind of crack down on otherwise legal gun selling operation.  This is smuggling.  It’s already operating outside the law.

The anti-gun people are always quick to paint this image of rouge licensed dealers who blatantly and willfully violate the law.  If that were the case they’d be in jail.  It’s always difficult for them to accept that guns are regulated beyond belief, and those regulations don’t do squat about keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals who really want guns.

7 thoughts on “Star Ledger Strives for Balance and Fails”

  1. So. Zees rouge dealair eez zee red-skinned Frenchman, no?

    Try “Rogue”. ;o)

  2. So what other industries are 99% compliant with the regulations governing them?

  3. I’d be interested in knowing what percentage of “non-crime” guns came from the top selling 1% of dealers–I would not be amazed to find that it is close to 50%.

  4. Sorry sev, that’s the tax rates…but I guess it could be the guns too.

    There’s only one UNIverse, hence the name. We have reality where the “gun culture” AKA folks who do not get wee weed up and we have the ignorant pass the blame opinions of the anti-rights crowd. The same crowd who demands loyalty to darwinism and survival of the fittest, but at the same time seeks to deny the greatest achievement of the mind, the tool to equalize all.

    I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised as they also claim to seek a “colorblind” society, yet feed on race and difference, their “tolerance” only extends to those they agree with.

    I’ll gladly stay in my universe if the MikeB’s of the universe head back to bizarro world where their harm, both intended and unintended, is limited in scope.

  5. As Kim du Toit used to say – “the laws we have today are the middle ground…” of course he was talking about Texas not NJ.
    We have already compromised more than enough.

  6. Them 37mm launchers are dangerous. I mean, you could fire tear gas or smoke at somebody!

    At least they didn’t call it a “grenade launcher”.

  7. There’s plenty of industries where 2 nines (99%)is unremarkable; I’ve been peripherally involved in a contract negotiation where the WORST my side would accept was 4 nines (99.99%) and only if the vendor had a plan for 5 nines (99.999%).

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