Not Going to Have Ted Kennedy to Kick Around Anymore

saluteTed Kennedy is dead, and thus ends a long chapter of the progressive left, as well as a chapter in our nation’s history.  No doubt in many circles of the partisan right, there will be quiet celebration.  It would be rather difficult for me to join.  Having watched my mother struggle against cancer for the better part of a decade, finally succumbing to it in 1994, when I was 20 years old, it’s not a scourge I would wish on anyone.  Even Ted Kennedy.  I’d wish Kennedy well in the hereafter, but I suspect he’s going to have some sins to answer for.

I expect Kennedy’s death will give the progressive-left a new purpose to pass a universal health care plan as Kennedy’s legacy.  But I’m wondering if this isn’t really the passing of an era, and the final chapter in the long novel of 20th century progressivism.  Now it seems we’re emerging into a landscape marked by endless political struggle, with neither side being able to make much headway against the other.   We shall see.

12 thoughts on “Not Going to Have Ted Kennedy to Kick Around Anymore”

  1. We can hope that this is the beginning of the end for progressivism – but I’m not sold. There are many R’s that believe in some of the collectivist values.

    I don’t think it’s inappropriate to celebrate the fact that Kennedy is no longer in Washington. From a purely human standpoint, I would have preferred that he was ousted or left on his own, rather than died in office. As much as I vigorously disagree with someone or a group of someones on an issue – I would never wish their death.

    There will be, no doubt, people that profess Kennedy’s death as just rewards or worse. I think those kind of reactions only serve to marginalize the anti-progressive agenda.

  2. I’ve always heard that you should never say anything bad about the dead——

  3. “I’ve always heard that you should never say anything bad about the dead——”

    Unless you’re in the MSM and the dead have an (R) behind their name.

    I am very happy I watch little if any TV. I can’t imagine the coverage of Saint Teddy, patron saint of aquatic cars and would choose being water boarded over watching it.

  4. Attended a funeral for a friend last week who died of brain cancer at half Kennedy’s age.

    At 77 Old Ted had a better run than he deserved – we all die of something around that age.

    I’m not celebrating his death but I’m sure not going to celebrate his life either.

  5. You are right Tom, of course, and this means the health care bill will have to pass cause it has Teddy(the swimmer) Kennedys name on it. I can just hear the r.i.n.o.s excuses now.
    1) Orin Hatch.
    2)Arlen Spector- – – I know a demoncrap but what the hell
    3)Lamarr Alexander
    4)Richard Shelby

  6. I think Jim Geraghty also has some poignant thoughts on the issue.

    A bit of a thought, though: Many of us have siblings, and many of us love them dearly. Many of us find the thought of losing them horrific; to lose two to assassin’s bullets would drive many men mad. From some stories of Kennedy’s behavior in the years immediately after, perhaps he did, or sought to drown the pain with drink. Hate the man for his legislation, hate the man for his behavior, but save a little room for some sympathy, too; we would never want to walk in those shoes.

    Clearly, I disagreed with the man on everything politically. I rolled my eyes at all of the Massachusetts residents who continued to vote for him just because “he has always been [their] Senator.” I have worked to defeat many of his policy ideas. I was absolutely disgusted when I learned about the sin Sebastian linked, and I believe he will have to pay for that.

    However, I wouldn’t wish his life on anyone, not even my political enemies – the loss of family in tragedy after tragedy, the unhappiness with his life, and definitely not the cancer that took his life. For all the references to Camelot when talking about his family, it sure was a tragedy. Consider that nearly everyone in that photo is dead, even the youngest.

  7. As far as I am concerned that family has and will get everything they deserve. Hell is too good a place for any of them and they’re all burning there now. good grief having your own daughters brain poked out because she was a wild child. Rape, murder all sorts of unforgivable sins. Consorting with gangsters and perverts. Perveted yourself. Lying, cheating, stealing, you name it that family has done it or been involved in it up to their necks. If I wasn’t clear before and I was trying to be nice – – fuck all of them in the heart, tear off their heads and shit down their necks. I’m through.

  8. I’m with tjbbpgobIII. Screw ’em all. The man was a dirt bag slime ball gun grabbing Socialist. Hell is far too good a place for him. Just because he is dead doesn’t mean we all have to start loving him. Screw blaming his drinking problem on his brothers’ deaths. Whatever happened to personal responsibility? I have had a number of very close loved ones die, did I go out and drown someone in my car over it? No. The man was a dirt bag before he died, he remains a dirt bag now. Karma is a bitch Teddy. RIP Mary Jo, your killer has been served his final notice.

    When Bush passes, will there be as much outpouring of sympathy and “He wasn’t all that bad of a guy” and “he was just doing what he thought was right”? Hell no. I remember liberal students at my college saying that they were going to throw a party the day after Regan passed. I’m gonna give this slime ball murderer the same honnor.

    I hope Tam is right as well…at least I wont have to hear about the Pedophile for a few weeks.

  9. The next chapter is already in progress. Didn’t you hear?

    “He wanted to be his brother’s brother, and then he turned that torch over last year to Barack Obama.”

    “Barack’s now the last brother.”

  10. ““Barack’s now the last brother.””

    It’s like playing super mario bros for the first time “I’m sorry mario, the last kennedy is in another castle.”

    Forced sterilization sounds better and better every day.

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