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Bucks Right is wondering where Patrick Murphy has been in this whole health care debate.  Murphy sold himself to Bucks County residents as a moderate “blue dog” Democrat, but he is no such thing.  He votes with the far left nearly every time, and instead of talking with constituents about health care reform, he’s gallivanting around the country speaking out against the military’s “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy.  A policy I have mixed feelings on myself, but I think there are more important issues Murphy needs to be addressing with his constituents.

What’s upsetting to me is that the GOP has decided it has priorities in other districts, namely District 6, which is being vacated by Jim Gerlach who is making a run for the GOP nod for Governor, and District 7, which is being vacated by Joe Sestak who is challenging Snarlen.  The GOP feels it has a better chance at getting these seats than it does taking on Murphy, who is sitting on a large war chest, and won by a 50,000 vote margin in the last election.  But in 2010, he won’t have Obama’s coattails to coast on.  I really hope the GOP at least gets a decent candidate up, or I fear we’ll be stuck with this leftist prick for a long time.

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  1. Is that your district? If so you could run, may not win.

    GOP needs to constantly find good candidates that may win in their district and are good fit for their area.

    Maybe if you contact your GOP chairman and ask about candidates that you may help finding good candidates.

  2. I lack the qualities necessary to be successful in politics. I’d be happy to help the guy’s campaign, but it’s not something I could do myself.

  3. A very wise choice, Sebastian. That’s why I’ve never run for any office.

    Something else to understand is that the county Republican committee, and especially it’s chairman, have little to no real interest in ideology or who holds federal offices. It’s all about controlling local patronage. I know you won’t want to believe that, but keep it in mind and see if over time it doesn’t explain some things. Why do you think there have almost never been any serious challengers put forward to run against the two Democrat state representatives at the bottom of the county?

  4. Most politics is about local patronage. One reason I don’t think I have the personality for it is because to a large degree you have to forget you have any values, and chase after where the votes and money are, which may not always align with where your values are. Care too much about that, you end up a loser. I’d rather pick an issue I care about, and try to help with getting the money and votes for that issue, and giving the vote and money chasers something to chase after. I am not naive enough to believe that any politicians position on an issue is based on personal conviction. Maybe that happens sometimes, but to play that game successfully personal conviction has to remain personal. Public position is purely a matter of expedience.

  5. Sebastian:

    I couldn’t have said it better. You and I are on the same page, when it comes to recognizing the inherently corrupting nature of the political system.

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