Frommer’s Travel Guide Advocating AZ Boycott?

Arther Frommer thinks Arizona’s gun laws are horriffic.  Unfortunately for him they are very similar to the laws in the rest of the country, including his home state of Missouri.  If Art Frommer doesn’t want to be around people with guns on the streets, he better never leave New York City or New Jersey.  And even there, the criminals still carry guns anyway.  How can you write good travel guides if you know so little about the culture in the rest of the country?

6 thoughts on “Frommer’s Travel Guide Advocating AZ Boycott?”

  1. I almost sat down a wrote him a note saying if AZ is to scary, perhaps a visit to some of the establishments in South Central Los Angeles Say about 2AM. After all CA has much stricter laws.

  2. If I could, I’d tell this flaming libtard Frommer travel guy that in my life’s experience, the only places in these United States where I’ve ever been a crime victim were places that also have prohibitive gun laws on the books and overall anti-gun atmospheres. The places I am referring to were cities such as Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, and New York, NY.

    Does Mr. Frommer advise his readership on the crime statistics of any of the three cities that I mentioned above? I’ll bet he doesn’t.

    I’ll also bet that I’d personally feel a whole lot safer walking around in most any place in Arizona, with its open carry law, than I would in some parts of New York City, even though carrying so much as a penknife in that town could be a violation of New York’s “Sullivan Act.”

  3. I live in Arizona and I read Frommer’s comments. He doesn’t know the first thing about firearms, our federal form of government or about the people of Arizona. When a free citizen gets up in the morning he knows he doesn’t have to ask Mr. Frommer’s permission to exercise his rights. But our rifle-bearing Arizona man, intentionally to avoid police suspicion, went to the police department FIRST, told them of his plans to carry OPENLY, dressed for the occasion and stood patiently on the sidewalk while reporters freaked out. I hope Frommer does stay home. He doesn’t deserve to stand in the company of freemen.

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