Patrick Murphy: Arrogant Bastard

For a second term Congressman, Patrick Murphy is one arrogant bastard. While he did win his last race handily and is a very successful fundraiser, the more stories of his absolute disrespect of residents come out, the less important money and past performance will be in future races. When it comes down to votes, constituents who actually show up to the polls don’t like this form of arrogance.

Take, for example, his refusal to do town hall meetings. He’ll claim he did have town hall meetings, but only because citizens crashed his private meetings and demanded he open the doors. He absolutely will not listen to residents with concerns, and there are numerous reports that he won’t answer questions. During a so-called town hall meeting, rather than talking to constituents, he decided to take time for an interview with a left-wing organization in DC where he explained that as a Congressman, it is his duty to explain to residents what is best for them. Funny that most citizens, regardless of political affiliation, would consider it your job to STFU and listen to them.

After being called on to host town halls, Murphy told the local media he would do it – on the day that many regional government health care opponents would be in DC. Except one new upstart group of citizen activists wasn’t too confident in that claim given his past performance. A few phone calls to the owners of the restaurants where the town halls were scheduled confirmed the suspicion. It turns out Patrick Murphy quickly canceled the town hall events.

As if that isn’t enough arrogance, he won’t even send staff in to do the dirty, lowly work of talking with the residents of his district. When the Thomas Jefferson Club organized their own health care forum when Murphy refused to host one in the district, they reached out to him with an invitation. Patrick Murphy decided a DC fundraiser was more important, but at least agreed to send a staffer to represent him. Except when more than 300 constituents turned out last night to hear from their Congressman’s staff member, they found he/she was a no-show.

To their credit, this new organization here in Bucks County really seems to be capitalizing on the discontent, and based on the events we have attended with organizers, it is clearly not an off-shoot of the local GOP. I don’t know if the GOP could turn out these kinds of results. 300+ to a health care town hall on a Tuesday night. More than 100 attended a general meeting in August, up from 50+ in July. This is the organization that developed out of the highly successful Bucks County Tea Party we attended in April. These folks are really taking it to the next level and turning the energy and passion into something useful. Perhaps if the GOP can find a quality candidate, we can show Patrick Murphy what arrogance in politics buys you – a one-way ticket home.

2 thoughts on “Patrick Murphy: Arrogant Bastard”

  1. Murphy has made excuse after excuse why he can’t meet with constituents, at least not those who aren’t in a special interest or select group. He is just like our president, it’s all about spinning the story to meet his needs.

  2. . . .it is clearly not an off-shoot of the local GOP.

    Just because a group and its activities are not run directly by the GOP, does not mean they aren’t facilitated by the GOP, who are past masters at doing that when it serves their purposes. After all that was said, your last sentence summed it up: Perhaps if the GOP can find a quality candidate. . . Ultimately issues will go by the board, and everything will be about electing a Republican candidate, as the primary goal. I know we have no choice, if we wish to eliminate a Murphy (of course we could look for a viable Democratic challenger for the primary, couldn’t we?) but have no doubt the issues and public policy will be not be in the running, no matter what the TJ Club or Tea Party folks think.

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