Take a Chill Pill Dennis

In years past, they used to give Valium to hysterical housewives.  The Rolling Stones even wrote a song about it.  But what’s the prescription for hysterical anti-gun lawyers?

Judging from the public commentary about these stories, most Americans regard this behavior as bizarre, intimidating and dangerous, with frightening implications for the President’s safety in particular. But it is important not to treat these incidents of public gun-carrying as merely the misguided behavior of a few individuals. It is more than that. What we are seeing is the acting out of two central tenets of the extremist “gun rights” ideology long espoused by the National Rifle Association and other radical Second Amendment absolutists.

So you see, this is all part of an elaborate NRA fueled conspiracy against all that is good and decent in America.  Even though NRA has said not a word about these protesters, and not said anything to encourage them.  This despite the fact that they can see that this behavior is clearly controversial even within the community.

Oh well, at least he didn’t use the word “shock troops

5 thoughts on “Take a Chill Pill Dennis”

  1. This isn’t shocking.

    They know the prez is an asshat pissing off more than half the country.

    It doesn’t take science or a law degree to do that math.

  2. Is it me, or is the whole “It’s a big conspiracy” argument cropping up more and more often recently? Do they honestly think that it will gain taction, or is this just the desperate ploy of a group who just had their collective heinies slapped by the President, no less?

    I tell you what… if the NRA really was funding and organizing a massive conspiracy, you would think they would at least provide a few instructions to their members, and pay me for my supposed “propagandizing”…

  3. What amazes me about all these people suddenly worrying about Presidential safety is the sheer lack of thought on display. The Secret Service, to do it’s job, MUST assume that people outside their perimeter could be armed. Knowing that a particular individual is, doesn’t change the assumption that anyone else could be.

  4. HA! Sebastian, practically joined at the hip with the NRA has been bleating about this.

    No Dennis, this isn’t the NRA, this is people who enjoy their rights and expect them to be just that, rights not permissions.

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