That Didn’t Take Long

Before Nancy Pelosi even had the votes counted, someone created a Facebook group to dump Patrick Murphy. I signed up. The Democrats seem to think this area is true blue, but only four years ago, 3 out of the 4 congressional districts representing the Philadelphia suburbs were held by the GOP. Murphy ran as a Blue Dog, sells himself as a Blue Dog, but is really an unrepentant leftist. Far too liberal for Bucks County. You’d be hard pressed to get a deep red conservative elected in my district, but I think the GOP could capture the middle with the right message against Murphy.

In 2008, the GOP geared up Tom Manion to run on Iraq as an issue, but by the time the election rolled around everyone cared bout the economy. The GOP needs to hit Murphy on the topics he’s vulnerable. He won’t be able to count on Obama’s coattails in 2010, and Murphy has done plenty of offend our district, if someone will only tell them. I sincerely hope the GOP mounts a serious challenge to Murphy in 2010. This is probably our best chance to unseat him.