Armed Mobs Threatning Health Care?

That’s the message that Josh Horowitz is spinning:

The nation is transfixed this month on a series of tense, contentious town halls that are taking place in states across the country. Determined to derail President Obama’s health care reform plans, right wing activists have stormed these meetings en masse to shout down speakers (including Democratic members of Congress) and derail all attempts at meaningful dialogue. Reports indicate that “Tea Partiers” are also carrying concealed handguns into these events — yet few in the media have commented on the distorted view of the Second Amendment that is driving this call to arms.

What follows is absolute pant shitting hysterics over the fact that protesters are choosing to carry firearms for personal protection from union thugs who beat people.  Josh doesn’t seem to understand the difference between a person committing an act of political violence, and an American exercising the right to defend themselves from being beaten by a gang of union thugs.

Exhortations to the right wing base to take armed political action against the Obama administration are far from idle talk–but instead reflect a deeply developed ideology that has been actively promoted by the National Rifle Association and other gun lobby groups for the past 30 years.

This is just a lie.  No other way to spin it.  There’s no gun rights out there who promotes political violence.

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