Insurrectionist Propaganda

It looks like Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has a new target to set their sights upon: Schoolhouse Rock!

Look at this insurrectionist propaganda piece that spreads a message of violence & promotes militias. It’s clearly designed to recruit children into accepting the dangerous right wing ideology that Americans are supposed to be free.

5 thoughts on “Insurrectionist Propaganda”

  1. Revisionist history. If they get enough of the voting block to forget the REAL reason for the 2nd Amendment, it’s easier to repeat the history of China and Germany. Because that turned out fantastic.

  2. Desperate people will do desperate things. CSGV is digging, and getting more and more crazy as they dig. They support a position that is not supported by many American’s, but the continue on. On the crazy scale they are only a few notches below Westboro Baptist Church.

  3. How dare schoolhouse rock try to educate our kids on the truth. And at the end, they even said God Bless America. Don’t they know that they are not supposed to do that?

    I agree with David. CSGV is approaching Westboro church in the crazy department. Their “guns are evil” rant is starting to wear a little thin.

  4. Watching that video just now brought back some memories for me. I can remember Schoolhouse Rock from the early 1970’s when the Saturday morning cartoons were on. That was all before the political correctness BS had permeated all throughout our pop culture.

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