The Heart of the Beast

It looks like we’re getting health care backlash even in New Jersey and Massachusetts.  I question whether health care reform is really possible at all given that we already have Medicare.  If we do nothing, Medicare is headed for a train wreck anyway — but I don’t think the solution is to nationalize health insurance for everyone, which is what Obama’s plan will eventually do.

I don’t blog on this issue much, because aside from working in the pharmaceutical industry, I don’t have much specific expertise in the issue.  But politically, this would seem to be a tough fish to fry.  I used to think socialized health care was inevitable.  Now I’m not so sure.  Everyone says they want reform, but when you talk specifics, people start getting upset over the details.

4 thoughts on “The Heart of the Beast”

  1. Obama’s “health care” agenda is neither about health nor care – it’s about controlling nearly every aspect of our lives, along with who lives and who dies, as well as when these events should occur.

    Under a single-payer health care system, one which Obama can be heard on tape voicing support for in the past, but now he is trying to downplay, any activity which could possibly be construed as “risky” by big-government bureaucrats to the individual’s physical safety could be either be banned outright, or simply regulated so heavily so as to make it impractical and/or cost-prohibitive for the masses.

    Naturally, one such activity that the Obamabots running a single-payer health care system will brand as “risky” would be any sort of recreational firearms usage. This will effectively be their equivalent of revoking the second amendment and our individual right to keep and bear arms.

  2. “Even” in NJ and MA?

    I’ve lived in both states. Those of us who aren’t already wards of the states know damn well what a boondoggle more big government is.

  3. Plus in Mass we have Romney Care which is already well over budget, and people are talking about coverage cuts for already bad care.

    I think it’s the same reason why Mass went to Clinton in the Primary, we already had Deval Patrick and KNEW what Obama was selling.

  4. Sebastian (Ronnie and I are sharing a brain),
    It occurred to me earlier today that about a year or two ago the issue of pediatricians and general practitioners asking about firearms in the home in health questionaires and asking kids. Given the national healthcare information system that’s being created, this would be what I consider a problem, one that I’d call a “privately owned firearms registry”. Of course, we could all lie and try to get our kids to lie.

    Given the other stuff, like the parenting counselors coming to your house, I think all gun owners and individual rights folks have significant reasons to be fervently opposed to this POS bill.

    On another note, it’s sad to see Arlen Spectur(D) supporting this bill.

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